The Air Defense Forces were at their best


On January 23, as always, the air defense forces were working at total capacity.

Of course, we want more; we want perfect results, but the enemy has completely different plans. They want to destroy and strike in areas where no defenses can work against ballistics. Ballistics mainly were used by the enemy that day. What do we mean by ballistics?

The enemy used 12 Iskender-M missiles. They fly very fast. That is why, when there are reports that ballistic missiles will be used, you should take care of yourself and your family. Out of the twelve Iskander-Ms, five were destroyed. Kharkiv was also hit by S-300, S-400, and other types of missiles. These are anti-aircraft guided missiles that also fly like ballistics. From ground-based installations, they fly along a ballistic trajectory at the same speed. Next, we saw eight X-22 missiles. This is the most powerful missile, with a warhead of 950 kg. It is considered a cruise missile, but it attacks like a ballistic missile. It flies at high speed - 4,000 kilometers per hour is the approximate speed of these missiles. It descends along a ballistic trajectory when it hits the target. Most of the enemy had these missiles.

In addition, two more X-59 cruise missiles were fired, one of which was shot down. Air defense forces destroyed all 15 X-101 and X-555 cruise missiles. Mobile fire groups destroyed several missiles. In all, 21 out of 41 missiles were eliminated. Where it was possible to destroy, our defenders did it.

So, there is no need to say that half of the missiles were missed

So, there is no need to say that half of the missiles were missed. Unfortunately, many people still do not understand what is being fired at them or what it means to repel this or that attack. Ballistics is ballistics. We need to realize this. That's all. Therefore, the work of air defense today has been as effective as it could be.

As for the more optimistic news, it is that the missiles, some of those ballistic missiles, did not reach their targets. We always write a phrase when we cannot disclose more details, but both ballistic and cruise missiles do not always reach their targets today. Somewhere, something falls in the field. Somewhere, it is suppressed by our electronic warfare. Unfortunately, there is destruction, there are victims, there are casualties. Local administrations will report this. These are the realities; this is the war, so we must realize this and take care of ourselves.

Do the air defense forces somehow feel the delay in Western aid? Comments about any delays will not make any constructive difference. Of course, certain political processes are taking place in the United States. There are certain blockages of aid from some countries in Europe. You know these countries yourself. So we are looking for a solution. So we need to wait for global aid packages, not just for air defense forces, but for all defense forces. As for the anti-aircraft guided missiles, a report is generated that we spend a certain amount of money to shoot down the missiles after each attack. These include cheetah shells, Iris-T, Nasams, or Patriot anti-aircraft guided missiles. Accordingly, there is a need to replenish them. We prepare a request for our partners, and according to that request, we are supplied with additional missiles. In addition, we also ask our partners for missiles for the Soviet S-300 and Buk-M1 systems, which, unfortunately, we do not produce because these are Russian missiles, and they are built on the territory of the aggressor state. Therefore, our partners supply them to us as needed.

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