Air Force apologizes for tone-deaf 'Yanny-Laurel' tweet

Christopher Wilson
Senior Writer
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    Hey A10 pilots, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, we all appreciate your efforts and results!
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    Keep Thrashing About Libtards
    What was there to apologize for?
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    Nothing to apologize for.
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    What am I missing here?
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    Karen P
    No need to apologize for that Tweet. That's the best one yet and I don't even tweeter.
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    Apologize for what?
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    I don't see a problem here.
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    why is this an issue, for anyone, anywhere?
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    I apologize for reading this article...…..
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    Well played USAF. You shouldn't have taken that down. It was funny! People need to understand that our Military likes to have a little fun too. Despite what you may think a mass majority of service members probably found the tweet hilarious. Anyone who found it in bad taste? You don't understand a service members humor.