Air Force: Local authorities can buy electronic warfare equipment to protect themselves against missiles and drones

Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine's Air Force. Photo: Ukrainska Pravda
Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine's Air Force. Photo: Air Force of Ukraine
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Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine's Air Force, has said that local communities can purchase electronic warfare equipment from civilian manufacturers to counter Russian missiles and drones.

Source: Ihnat on the national joint 24/7 newscast on Sunday

Quote: "This is a standard practice (countering enemy air attacks with electronic warfare – ed.). We have enterprises that have been doing this for a long time. Many civilian enterprises are now involved in the production of electronic warfare systems.

Active work is underway in this area. And this is something that local communities can purchase and raise resources for. You can't buy weapons, you can't buy small arms, guns, or air defence systems – but electronic warfare systems, including those made by civilian manufacturers, if they are working, need to be tested, and this helps with saving lives. Electronic warfare is effective against drones, and it can affect the enemy's air attack capabilities. A missile can be diverted and not reach its target."

Details: Ihnat noted that "this work is already underway".

"Today, the heads of certain companies are already considering their personal protection to protect their facilities. This is already being done... This is the future. There is no need to waste expensive missiles if you can stop the enemy this way," the Air Force spokesman said.


  • Over 20 Russian missiles and drones failed to reach their targets during Russia's combined air attack on Ukraine on the morning of 13 January because they exploded mid-flight, landed in unpopulated areas, or met with an effective response from Ukrainian electronic warfare.

  • The disabling of over 20 missiles with the aid of "active countermeasures by means of electronic warfare" may be a turning point in Ukraine’s electronic warfare capabilities.

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