Air India Plane Gets Stuck Under Footbridge on Highway Near Delhi Airport

A scrapped Air India aircraft got stuck under a footbridge while it was being transferred on a flatbed truck outside the New Delhi airport on September 24.

This video, taken by Rishabh Kumar, shows cars driving past as the body of the plane, transported by a large truck, gets stuck under the pedestrian bridge, sending debris flying onto the road. The truck driver is then seen hopping out onto the highway to assess the situation as cars slow down in nearby lanes.

Speaking to Storyful, Kumar said that he actually began recording on his phone to show people how the plane was shipped on a truck but didn’t expect to film such a crazy incident.

“I was shocked and really didn’t expect that this was gonna happen,” he wrote in his Twitter post.

After the crash, Kumar said that traffic slowed for about five minutes, but cars continued to drive past the site of the accident.

Air India said in a statement shared to the Times of India, “This is an old, scrapped aircraft which has already been sold off by us. There is no additional information as it involves the person to whom it has been sold off.”

A similar incident occurred in December 2019, according to India Today, when an India Post aircraft being transferred by truck got stuck under a bridge in West Bengal. Credit: Rishabh Kumar via Storyful

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