Air-raid sirens all over Ukraine: Russian MiG interceptor jet flew in Belarus again

Air-raid sirens sounded all over Ukraine on the morning of 25 January.

Source: air-raid sirens map; Belaruski Hajun, an independent Belarusian military monitoring media outlet, on Telegram

Details: Air-raid sirens sounded in the capital at 09:07, and then it spread all over the country in a few minutes.

An air-raid siren means that there is a threat of missile attacks or airstrikes. When you hear it, you need to go to a shelter.

The Belarusian monitoring media outlet announced that an AWACS aircraft, a support fighter, and a MiG-31K capable of carrying Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have taken off in Belarus.

In particular, at 08:30, a support fighter took off from Baranavichy, Belarus, then at 08:35, the A-50U AWACS aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces took off from Machulishchy airfield, Belarus.

And at 09:00 and 09:06, two MiG-31Ks of the Russian Aerospace Forces took off from Machulishchy.

At 10:55-10:56, all-clear signals were given all over Ukraine.


An air-raid siren was sounded throughout Ukraine on the afternoon of 24 January (at that time, a Russian MiG-31K was in the airspace of Belarus); the missile threat lasted for 40 minutes.

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