Airbnb Customers Complain About Expensive Cleaning Fees

Airbnb customers are beginning to complain about the expensive additional fees seen in their total cost.

Video Transcript

- Right now, short-term vacation rentals pretty much booming as people look for an escape from home. However, some travelers noticing those extra costs adding up a bit, and they are adding up specifically with Airbnb. So here's one example. A man in DC says he was booking at Airbnb at what he thought was a good deal, but when it came time to check out, he was stunned at his total. The reason-- the cleaning fee.

JAMES BENSON: I was looking at Airbnb for $49 a night, what I thought it was going to cost based upon what I saw on Airbnb. And by the time I checked out, it cost me $129, which is almost three times the price that I paid. In fact, the cleaning fee itself was more expensive than the actual per-night fee.

ELISA CORDOVA: There are COVID cleaning standards that were put into place which were much more exhaustive cleaning, super deep cleaning. And hosts had to agree to that during the pandemic. And that is a much more extensive cleaning process and much more expensive.

- Airbnb says they allow hosts to set that cleaning costs because each home is different. However, the company will review their fees and make changes where needed.