Airbnb doubles free temporary housing available to Afghan refugees worldwide

Airbnb doubles free temporary housing available to Afghan refugees worldwide
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Airbnb will double the number of free temporary housing locations available for Afghan refugees worldwide, the company announced on Thursday.

Airbnb issued a statement saying the company will expand upon its commitment to house 20,000 Afghan refugees and aim for an additional 20,000 refugees "if demand for housing aligns with supply."

"Today, we are proud to share that thanks to the generosity of our Hosts and donors from across the country and around the world, will have the capacity to go above and beyond its initial commitment to house 20,000 Afghan refugees," the statement reads. "If demand for housing aligns with supply in communities where refugees are resettling, these new resources could help provide housing for an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees."


The free housing is funded by "contributions to from Airbnb and Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky, as well as donors to the Refugee Fund," the company's website states.

The announcement comes after a mass evacuation of U.S. citizens and allies from Afghanistan.

Airbnb is working with nine partner agencies, including the International Rescue Committee, Church World Service, and HIAS, as well as Afghan-based agencies such as Women for Afghan Women, the statement details.

The company says it is interested in working with other countries that wish to assist in housing the refugees coming from Afghanistan.


“ is also working closely with partners to assess temporary housing needs outside of the US with the goal of expanding to other countries that have committed to resettle a significant number of Afghan refugees," the statement adds.

U.S. and coalition forces evacuated more than 110,000 civilians during the final weeks of August, according to the Pentagon, which took place as the Taliban overthrew the Western-backed Afghan government and retook control of the country.

Nearly 60,000 Afghan evacuees have reportedly landed in the United States since Aug. 17. The Biden administration has requested funding from Congress to resettle 65,000 Afghans by the end of September and 95,000 by September 2022, the Associated Press reported on Sept. 15.

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