People Who Have Visited An Airbnb, What's The Worst Experience You've Ever Had

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In the past, Airbnb was often seen as a less expensive, more homely alternative to visiting a new place and staying somewhere like a hotel. However, as some people have learned the hard way, sometimes an Airbnbs aren't actually as advertised, or worse, cause more problems than a hotel.

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I'm asking the BuzzFeed Community: Airbnb visitors, what's your worst Airbnb story?

Maybe you splurged on a house you wanted to stay in during your vacation, only to find that the actual home was miles worse than the photos you saw in the advertisement?

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Maybe you got stuck with an overbearing host who gave you a list of totally extreme house rules, and then pounded on your door later in the night because you were making noise past 7 p.m.

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Or, maybe your trip was over before it started after you spent nine hours driving to your Airbnb, only to have the host cancel your reservation at the last minute?

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Maybe you showed up, and the Airbnb was totally wrecked. Or worse, you turned up to find someone actually living there and found out that the Airbnb listing was a fraud.

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Whatever it is, tell us below in the comments — or use this anonymous form — and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.