Airbnb wants you to live in its listings for a year — for free. Here’s what to know

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You could travel to and stay in Airbnbs for a year — and the company will pay for it.

Airbnb is looking for 12 people to live for free in Airbnb listings for 12 months, as long as they share their experiences with the company.

“Whether you are looking to join Zoom meetings by the beach, take your family on the ultimate road trip, or learn a new language in a favorite city — this program is for you,” the company said. “We’ll ask that you share your experiences with us which could help shape the future of travel and living on Airbnb.”

The company says it will pay for your stay and give you a transportation allowance during the year. Anyone who is accepted into the program can bring along up to three friends or family members.

Airbnb launched the program after seeing how the pandemic granted some workers the flexibility to live and work from anywhere. Stays of 28 days or longer at Airbnb listings became more popular over the past year, the company said.

“Through this program, participants will provide real world insights on features, services, and the experience of living nomadically, that could help shape the future of long-term living on Airbnb,” the company said.

Travelers in the program will help Airbnb make changes to its long-term living offerings and find ideal accommodations for different kinds of travelers.

The test starts next month and will go until July 2022. People will start traveling for the Live Anywhere on Airbnb program in September.

You can apply until June 30 through the Airbnb site.

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