Passenger jet lands safely after suspected engine explosion rains debris on Denver neighbourhoods

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A passenger jet en route to Honolulu has landed safely at Denver International Airport after it experienced engine problems that included parts of the plane raining down on neighbourhoods near where it took off.

Officials with Denver International Airport confirmed to CNN that United Airlines Flight 328 took off from the airport on Saturday but then had to return after experiencing engine difficulties. The pilot was safely able to land the plane back at the airport.

A loud boom was heard by residents on the ground near the airport following takeoff.

Police in Broomfield, Colorado, a northern suburb of Denver, first reported calls from residents of large pieces of plane debris landing in the yards of nearby neighbourhoods.

Several images shared by the Broomfield Police Department showed large pieces of the plane littered in front of several homes, including one that appeared to depict a large piece of the engine.

“The plane landed safely at DIA. We still haven’t received reports of any injuries,” the police department tweeted.

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