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You Can Get AirPods, iPads, Watches, and More Apple Stuff on Sale Right Now

If you want an Apple product for less, now's a good time to buy it. At Apple's Keynote earlier this week, the tech company revealed a slew of new and updated products, which will hit stores this fall. There will be an all-new iPhone 11 that costs just $699 to replace the iPhone XR, and an iPhone 11 Pro ($999) and iPhone 11 Pro Max ($1,099), both with impressive triple cameras. A seventh-generation iPad with a 10.2-inch display is coming, and it's priced at $329. And then there's the new Apple Watch Series 5, which has a screen that stays lit all the time and a price tag of $399. Eyes crossed yet?

Those new products are for the folks who can afford to keep up with Apple's yearly cycle. Not all of us are so blessed. Which is why the post-Keynote time is the perfect time to pay attention to the products that are about to be replaced with newer models, because their prices get just a little bit lower. Since Apple products rarely go on sale, it's a relief to anyone on the lookout for AirPods with that new wireless charging case or a MacBook Air for under a thousand bucks.

Right now, after the Keynote and before the release of Apple's next-gen tech, Amazon is carrying AirPods, iPads, Apple Watches, Macbooks, and more with those discounts. Shop 'em while they're here. And look forward to finally getting that iPhone 11 Pro Max when it goes on sale exactly one calendar year from now.

You Can Get AirPods, iPads, Watches, and More Apple Stuff on Sale Right Now

Apple doesn't usually run sales. This is the exception.

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