Airport closes as La Palma explosion intensifies

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The Spanish island of La Palma was forced to close its airport on Saturday after volcanic explosions intensified, Reuters reports.

Driving the news: Mount Cumbre Vieja began erupting last Sunday, and on Friday, a new vent opened, forcing firefighters to retreat and three more towns to evacuate.

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The big picture: The volcano's cone has broken, according to footage from drones operated by the national Geographical and Mining Institute, per Reuters.

  • Ash accumulation caused the airport to close and many of those with canceled flights sought to leave via ferries, causing a bottleneck at the primary port.

  • So far, there have been no deaths or serious injuries.

Flashback: The volcano erupted on the southern part of the island which came after many weeks of seismic activity including a 3.8 magnitude earthquake before the explosion.

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