New Airstream travel trailer features built-in 'work from home' space

Airstream's new Flying Cloud Office may make work feel more like a vacation.

Video Transcript

- There's another sign the pandemic has forever changed the way many Americans work. Luxury RV brand Airstream is steering away from wealthy retirees to white collar workers and Instagram influencers. Our Dave Goons takes us inside the latest model that makes work feel more like a vacation.

- Early last year, millions of Americans were forced to start working from home. All these months later with the pandemic easing, workspaces are reopening. But for many a remote office will be part of life for some time to come if not permanently. Does your home office have to always be where you live? Not necessarily.

- It's a home office away from home.

- A new Airstream model called the Flying Cloud office lets you keep working a little bit or a lot no matter where you are.

- it still has a bed and a cell phone and TV and everything that you would see. There's just been a section that's been denoted for the office.

- The space is tucked away in a rear corner of the 30 foot RV. It's small but efficient. A desk surface with plenty of lighting, AC power, and USB ports. There's ample storage space and you can have a nice view depending on where you've parked. Many campgrounds these days have Wi-Fi. And the kitchen and bathroom are just steps away.

When not in use as an office, the space converge to additional sleeping quarters. As you might guess, this does come at a stiff price tag. The upscale airstreams have never been particularly inexpensive.

- The base price is 1,075. And of course, you know, we can tempt you with options that go on forever.

- Oh, you'll also need a sturdy vehicle to tow it like a pickup or large SUV. At a base rate of nearly 7,000 pounds, you won't be pulling this behind a Prius. When you're out on an adventure with your family, but need to sneak away and get a little bit of work done, you can isolate yourself back here. There's a sound muffling privacy curtain.

But there's another potential use for this between vacations. When you're home and it's parked in your driveway, you'll have a home office that's not actually inside the home. That could keep everyone happy.

Sales of travel trailers and motor homes have been on a sharp increase since the pandemic began. Now a way to stay in vacation mode for longer stretches while still being able to check in with the boss and colleagues.

- I think airstream's response in coming out with the Airstream office will go on long past the pandemic just as a new way of doing things.