Akron boil water alert lifted after being in place since Monday night

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The boil water alert in parts of Akron, Fairlawn and Copley was lifted Wednesday evening. Water samples had been scheduled for analysis to ensure they are clear from contamination earlier in the day, the city said.

Akron imposed the boil order Monday evening for parts of the city west of Hawkins Avenue, including Fairlawn Heights, as well as the city of Fairlawn and Copley Township east of Route 21 following the removal of a water main from service for repairs.

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The city's water division took samples from the affected areas for testing and awaited results Wednesday afternoon to advise if the water is safe for consumption, at which point the boil order would be lifted. Just after 6 p.m., the advisory was lifted.

Residents in affected areas had been advised to boil water before drinking or cooking until receiving word the alert is lifted. The water is safe for showering and laundry.

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Boil alert for parts of Akron was lifted Wednesday evening