Al Sharpton Warns Democrats over Impeachment Focus: ‘Deal with Kitchen-Table Issues’

Tobias Hoonhout

Reverend Al Sharpton cautioned Democrats on Friday over ignoring “kitchen-table issues” in the race to defeat Donald Trump, saying “right now we cannot say with any comfort that Donald Trump would not be reelected.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss impeachment, Sharpton warned that a hyper-focused Democratic effort to impeach Trump could distract from a vision of “how we move forward.”

“Where a lot of the Democrats have made a mistake is they’ve fed into a narrative that Trump is dictating, rather than saying ‘okay, let them do that — I’m back, involved in trying to make you and your life work,’” Sharpton said. “That’s the person that could beat Donald Trump.”

Sharpton urged that Democrats needed to frame the discussion in order to have “Trump react to that, rather than we react to Trump,” arguing that the president feeds of the negative attention he receives.

He also pointed to the danger that an election driven by impeachment could devolve into “wonderland” and “nerd politics.”

“The election is about me, my house, food on my table, my kid’s tuition.” Sharpton said. “If they can’t address that, they’re going to miss everybody.”

“I think voters really that are struggling, which are a lot of the base, which is a lot of the base of the Democratic party, are really trying to deal with kitchen-table issues,” Sharpton continued. That’s what we’ve got to address, particularly while you have a president that’s bragging about the economy. Right now we cannot say with any comfort that Donald Trump would not be reelected. That should make us uncomfortable.”

A Friday article from the Wall Street Journal showed wages for low-skilled workers are rising at the fastest rate in more than a decade amid a tight labor market, while in recent months unemployment hit its lowest rate since 1969 and record lows for minorities.

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