Alabama Reaches New Record-High For COVID-19 Hospitalizations

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MONTGOMERY, AL — July has not shaped up well in Alabama in regard to COVID-19 statistics, as the state set another milestone Monday by confirming an all-time high 1,465 patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

Total, the Alabama Department of Public Health has confirmed 67,711 COVID-19 cases, with 22,888 of those cases diagnosed in the last two weeks. Also, 1,257 people have died from the virus in Alabama.

Alabama has a 11.5 percent positive test rate, which is above the national average of 9.2 percent. A recent study listed Alabama as one of the least responsible states in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The study shows Alabama ranked 6th among states that have been the least responsible during the pandemic, with just 38 percent of adults wearing masks in public and just 17 percent of residents staying home when possible.

Monday's COVID-19 stats show Jefferson County adding 261 new cases to its state-leading total, with Mobile, Madison and Montgomery counties also posting triple-digit totals.

The counties posting the most new COVID-19 cases Monday:

  • Jefferson County: 261 new cases; 8,901 total

  • Mobile County: 133 new cases; 6,150 total

  • Madison County: 126 new cases; 3,588 total

  • Montgomery County: 121 new cases; 5,178 total

  • Shelby County: 79 new cases; 2,287 total


This article originally appeared on the Birmingham Patch