Alameda County Reports 3 New Coronavirus Deaths, 32 New Cases

Bea Karnes

ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA — As Gov. Gavin Newsom outlined steps for restaurants to reopen in California, health officials in Alameda County reported 3 new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday. There were also an additional 32 cases officially diagnosed.

The total number of deaths in the county since coronavirus has been tracked is 74, while a total of 2,133 cases have been confirmed.

The big news for coronavirus in the Golden State on Tuesday is Newsom's announcement that offices unable to do remote work can now reopen statewide to employees, while shopping malls and restaurants that reopen in certain areas will need to abide by a new set of guidelines.

Various other businesses including car washes, pet grooming and dog walking can resume work — also with modifications, Newsom said at Tuesday afternoon's news conference.

However, as always, it is up to county health officers to make local decisions and, so far, Alameda County has been part of a united front to keep the Bay Area locked down.

Alameda County's strict stay-at-home order boiled over into rebellion on Monday when Elon Musk defiantly reopened the Tesla assembly plant in Fremont. That left many small business owners openly asking why they can't reopen as well. Tesla has sued the county in federal court over the shutdown. Musk received support from the White House on Tuesday.

Tesla and the county continue discussions on compliance and reopening issues.

Meanwhile, Tesla's move is expected to bea topic of discussion at the Fremont City Council Meeting on Tuesday.

Musk has received both cheers and jeers over his audacious move to reopen the plant, Fremont biggest employer. Some openly support getting the economy moving again, while others accuse him of being a spoiled billionair who doesn't play by the rules.

Taking a broader look at the reach of coronavirus, California reports 2,802 deaths, and 69,716 confirmed cases as of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The US reports 82,227 deaths and 1,367,491 confirmed cases.

Across the globe there have been 290,838 deaths, and 4,247,709 confirmed cases.

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This article originally appeared on the Fremont Patch