Alan Levine resigns from Marietta school board after moving

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Aug. 26—Marietta school board member Alan Levine resigned his Ward 1 post Wednesday following an MDJ report that he purchased a home outside of the district he represents.

Levine's resignation was confirmed by Board Chair Angela Orange after the school district removed Levine's name and photo from its website. He previously had not qualified to run for reelection.

As the MDJ previously reported, Levine and his wife purchased earlier this year a home on Campbell Hill Street in Marietta, outside of his ward. The family likewise sold their Coryell Street home, which was within Ward 1.

Levine did not claim a homestead exemption at the new home, and did not respond to requests to confirm a change of residence. Orange, however, said Levine stated in his resignation that he "no longer live(s) within the geographic bounds of Ward 1."

The rules of the Georgia Department of Education require local school board members to reside in the district they represent. Should they move from their district, "such person shall cease to be a member of such local board of education, and a vacancy shall occur."

DOE rules also state the member should notify the local board of elections of their move. Cobb Elections Director Janine Eveler said she didn't know of any such notice from Levine prior to his resignation.

Levine posted a statement on Facebook Thursday afternoon stating he'd decided not to run for reelection months ago after buying the Campbell Hill Street home. He said he then rented a room within Ward 1, maintaining his residence within the district.

"It was only upon the qualification of a couple of candidates for my position last week that I decided to go ahead and file in the homestead exemption paperwork for my new home, making my move official," Levine wrote.

"Even in the tough times, it has been a joy and privilege to serve the students, teachers, families, staff, and administrators of Marietta City Schools," he added. "The wonderful individuals making up this tight-knit community did more for me than I for them."

The Marietta school board is currently weighing its options to fill the vacancy, Orange said. The board could appoint a Ward 1 resident to serve out the remainder of Levine's term, or simply wait until a new member is elected in November. Three candidates have qualified for the race: Alex Castro, Lisa Lindsay and Jeff DeJarnett.

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