Albany Audubon Society members conduct annual count

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Jan. 1—ALBANY — Saturday, Dec. 18, was an unseasonably warm day which found many doing shopping-battle in brick-and-mortar stores while others let out #*^@ cries when their favorite online stores did not click open fast enough or when the virtual shopping basket was being finicky.

Yet others flocked to the woods.

So it was for members of the local chapter of the National Audubon Society, who celebrated the annual Christmas Bird Count by getting up when owls do their hooting and staying out until birds resume activity in the evening. In between, a lot of miles were covered by vehicle and foot on dirt roads in Baker, Calhoun and Dougherty counties.

This year's total number of species counted stood at 91 by Sunday morning. Reports are still coming in and the bird enthusiasts, self-described bird nerds, are hoping to break 100 species for this year's total.

The birders also are happy that this year no one got stuck in the clay or fell into a swamp. Soreness from getting in and out of the car and walking are a small price to pay and not something the Wood Duck, one of the species identified, has to worry about.

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