Albany engineering firm to conduct smoke testing on sewer system

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Sep. 3—ALBANY — Beginning on Tuesday, Ardurra, a consulting engineering firm for the city of Albany, will be conducting smoke testing from Roosevelt Avenue to Pine Avenue between Jackson Street and Front Street. Door hangers will be passed out with additional information for affected structures.

Smoke testing is the process of blowing a smoky material into the sewers to determine which buildings or inlets are connected to that particular sewer pipe as evidenced by smoke exiting the plumbing vent pipe or inlet structure.

The testing is part of the combined sewer separation project and will be done throughout the week.

Anybody connected to the sewer system in those areas could be impacted. However, there should not be any issues for correctly installed plumbing systems. If the smoke does enter a structure, it is nontoxic and will just need to be aired out.