Albany Tech plans Wireless Engineering Tech degree

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Jul. 30—ALBANY — Albany Technical College is planning a new degree, Wireless Engineering Technology, addressing the current and future needs of the wireless industry. This program will start in fall 2022.

Wireless Engineering Technology prepares ATC students for the rapidly changing environment that field technicians and engineers face. It includes topics such as antenna theory and applications, grounding, bonding, power, mobile site equipment and applications, radio frequency theory and transmissions, safety and regulations, standards and codes. These courses allow field technicians and engineers to effectively install, troubleshoot, and maintain modern mobile sites, including those with new and evolving broadband mobile technologies.

"This is a hybrid program with many of the classes taken online," Albany Tech Dean of Academic Affairs Lisa Harrell said." Graduates will receive an associate of applied science degree that is 72 credit hours in length."

Admissions testing will be required to enter the program, and financial aid is available for students.

College officials say that wireless technologies have skyrocketed in the past 100 years. After the invention of the radio in 1935, wireless communications became a strong focus of both private business and government. Individuals in the wireless engineering field provide tech support restoring, evaluating, installing, testing, and maintaining wireless transmission, broadcasting and reception equipment. Networks can include cellular and computer Wi-Fi.

Wireless engineering contains a broad spectrum of applications, including cellular networks. The rise of cellular networks has produced an immense demand. Wireless Engineering functions incorporate the efficient transmission, reception, storage, and analysis of information (data) using cellular, Wi-Fi and other wireless communication devices.

Registration for Wireless Engineering Technology is currently in process with fall 2022 classes starting Aug. 17.

For more information about the Wireless Engineering Technology program, contact Harrell at (229) 430-3602 or