Albert Haynesworth out of hospital, says doctors removed 12 pounds of fluid from lungs

Albert Haynesworth thanked people who offered him a kidney and plans to take up a matching donor on the offer. (Getty)

Earlier in July, former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth made a public plea with fans for a kidney as he laid in a Tennessee hospital receiving treatment for kidney failure.

His call received an outpouring of support and numerous offers to help the two-time Pro Bowler with a life-saving donation.

On Thursday, Haynesworth provided an update via Instagram, announcing that he had been dismissed from the hospital and was receiving outpatient dialysis treatment.

Haynesworth: Doctors removed 12 pounds of fluid

He wrote that doctors at Nashville’s Williamson Medical Center removed 12 pounds of fluid from his lungs during his emergency treatment and that he’s feeling better now.

As for the offers of a kidney? He thanked potential donors and told them to prepare for blood tests for a potential match.

Haynesworth: ‘Want to thank each and everyone’

“First and foremost, I want to thank each and everyone that prayed and supported me during this new ordeal, you guys are amazing,” Haynesworth wrote. “I want to also say I love you guys that are willing to give me a kidney their [sic] are no words that can describe my feelings for this blessing.”

Haynesworth appears to be in much better condition than the last time he provided an update. And it sounds like thanks to some extremely generous fans, he’s on a path to find the kidney he needs.

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