Alberta issues emergency alert for four armed, dangerous suspects

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Canadian province of Alberta issued an emergency alert on Monday for the area of Sunchild and O'Chiese First Nations due to four "armed and dangerous" individuals in that area.

The alert was issued at 1:17 PM (7:17 GMT)and is expected to end on Tuesday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta said it was investigating multiple firearms complaints in the Sunchild and O'Chiese First Nations and asked residents to shelter in place.

"RCMP are actively looking for 4 suspects, 2 of which are identified as 28-year-old Colin Beaverbones and 25-year-old Boyd Beaverbones. These suspects are considered armed and dangerous. If seen do not approach. Please call 911 immediately," it said in a tweet.

(Reporting by Jasper Ward; Editing by Don Durfee)