From Alberto to William, here are all the names for the 2024 hurricane season

Today marks the end of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season. We have between now and June 1, 2024 to relax a little. when the next season officially kicks-off. Hurricane season is June 1-Nov. 30.

For Southwest Florida, this hurricane season was fairly quiet and much needed after the experience of Hurricane Ian in September of 2022. Ian is considered the most destructive hurricane in Florida's history. There was a close call with Hurricane Idalia in late August with flooding and some other damage in the region.

Idalia was the only hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. in 2023.

On the bright side, Idalia's aftermath included the sightings of pink flamingos along coastal areas here and other parts of Florida that had people buzzing.

Looking ahead, in case you were wondering, here are the names in the rotation for the 2024 hurricane season:

What are the names that will be used for the 2024 hurricane season?

  • Alberto

  • Beryl

  • Chris

  • Debby

  • Ernesto

  • Francine

  • Gordon

  • Helene

  • Isaac

  • Joyce

  • Kirk

  • Leslie

  • Milton

  • Nadine

  • Oscar

  • Patty

  • Rafael

  • Sara

  • Tony

  • Valerie

  • William

This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: What are the names for the 2024 hurricane season