Alcatraz reopens after year of COVID closure

San Francisco's Alcatraz Island has opened for indoor tours for the first time in more than a year after improving state and local COVID conditions allowed for a limited amount of visitors. (March 15)

Video Transcript

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CHARLES STRICKFADEN: This will be the first time in over a year that we're allowing visitors to the interior of the cellblock, the famous cell block tour and audio tour inside this former prison. Providing social distancing, lots of space between visitors, and restoring this iconic historic attraction. And in our small way, the National Park Service is really excited to welcome visitors back to, to get them back to something that they love to do.

CLAUDIA SANCHEZ: I think it's great. I feel very lucky and very fortunate to be able to come here and check it out.

GABRIEL HAZEN: I think it's great that society is starting to get back to normal with everybody practicing the social distancing and wearing the mask and getting vaccinated. So things are starting to open back up. And we can start to live our lives again.