Aldi’s e-bike is finally back in stock – but you’ll have to be quick to get it

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The Vitesse force is a sportier electric bike tuned for rough terrain  (iStock/The Independent)
The Vitesse force is a sportier electric bike tuned for rough terrain (iStock/The Independent)

Ready to leave the packed commuter train behind and glide to work on two wheels instead? You’re in luck: Aldi’s popular, sub-£1,000 electric bike is back in stock.

The supermarket had originally offered two different models of the Vitesse e-bike as part of this week’s clutch of Specialbuys discounts. One has already sold out owing to popular demand, but the Vitesse force e-mountain bike (£899.99, is still available.

A classically styled and lightweight bicyle, it looks well-suited for off-road routes and pot-holed roads alike.

Launched in 2021, both e-bikes sold out during last year’s summer rush for alternative modes of transport. We’ve already seen one of the Aldi-exclsuive models fly off the virtual shelves yet again, so act fast to snap up the one that remains.

Vitesse force e-mountain bike: £899.99,

  • Frame: 18in lightweight frame

  • Wheel size: 27.5in

  • Weight: 21.16kg

  • Gears: 7-speed Shimano

  • Range: 60-70km

A great choice for those who want an electric bike as much for leisure as for getting from A to B, the Vitesse force e-mountain bike features larger wheels and fork suspension for cushioning uneven off-road terrain and smoothing out badly maintained roads.

The rear-mounted motor will provide assistance power as you pedal, taking the effort out of laborious uphill struggles and letting you cruise to your destination without breaking into a sweat. The Vitesse force also features hydraulic disc brakes for greater handling, safety and control over the bike whether on the road or off.

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