Alex Guarnaschelli kicks off cookout season with triple decker burgers and baked potato salad

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Television personality, restaurateur and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a few of her favorite cookout recipes just in time for Memorial Day. She shows us how to make triple decker burgers with an ooey-gooey cheese sauce and zesty baked potato salad.

Triple Decker Burgers with Cheese Sauce by Alex Guarnaschelli

This makes two seriously tasty burgers that can be halved or quartered. The secret to the bold, rich taste of the sauce is the combo of Parmesan, Worcestershire and soy sauce which work together to up the umami flavor and overall cheesy goodness.

Baked Potato Salad by Alex Guarnaschelli

I often have leftover baked potatoes and sometime make a few extra with this salad in mind. It tastes great made fresh and equally good refrigerated and served a day or two later. It's a great barbecue dish to bring to someone's house, too.

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