Alex Jones Leads Protesters Into Georgia State Capital as Recount Continues

Supporters of US President Donald Trump rallied inside and outside the Georgia State Capitol building on Wednesday, November 18, as election officials neared a deadline to complete a hand tally of the presidential race.

President-elect Joe Biden led in the race by 12,781 votes over Trump on Wednesday morning, as officials were due to complete the audit by their deadline of 11.59 pm, local media reported.

Earlier in the week, the Secretary of State’s Office reported that during an audit multiple states had found extra votes that were not originally counted, including 2,500 in Rome, where a malfunctioning scanner was to blame.

“We intend to review all processes and procedures to understand how the incident with the scanner led to this voting discrepancy,” officials said in a statement to local media. “However, we want you to understand: There is no evidence of fraud. There is no evidence of intentional misconduct.”

This footage from the scene shows protesters entering the capitol building, led by Infowars founder Alex Jones, who has used his platform to spread false information and conspiracy theories. Jones is also seen speaking inside the building. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful