Alex Jones threatens to cut off finger with knife to ‘salute’ Infowars audience

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Right-wing conspiracy theorist is known for making wild claims to followers of his Infowars network, but a Sunday episode of The Alex Jones Show took his brand of out-there entertainment to shocking new heights.

Mr Jones unsheathed a knife and said he wanted to cut off one of his fingers to show how greatful he was to his audience.

“And that’s why when I salute you — I’m not into self-harming, but I just actually want to take this dagger and just cut a finger off right on air to show you how much I appreciate you and what you’ve done,” he said, adding, “Giving up a finger to beat these people is nothing!”

The online provacateur ended up sheathing the knife without harming himself.

Mr Jones said he was considering slicing off a finger because of what the audience had helped the show achieve.

“We have been given nothing but success, nothing but victory,” he said. “It has been spectacular. And you, the viewers and listeners, you did this!”

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