Alex Murdaugh murder trial: Key revelations and unanswered questions after Week 2.

Week 2 of the Richard "Alex" Murdaugh double murder trial is complete.

Murdaugh, 54, is standing trial in the shootings of his 52-year-old wife, Maggie, and 22-year-old son, Paul, on June 7, 2021, at their Colleton County home.

The disgraced former lawyer faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of murder.

Court will resume at 9:30 a.m. Monday with an in-camera hearing, with no jury present, to hear testimony from Allendale attorney Mark Tinsley on the 2019 fatal boat crash and wrongful death suit involving the Murdaugh family in order to determine if financial crimes evidence is admissible in this murder trial.

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The jury is expected to return at 11:30 a.m. Monday to resume normal testimony.

Here are some of the key revelations during the second week of the trial and unanswered questions to ponder before Monday's proceedings.

Key revelations during Week 2 of the Alex Murdaugh double murder trial

∎In SLED interview, Murdaugh appears to say "It's just so bad, I did him so bad, when talking about son, Paul.

∎Two witnesses – close friends of Paul – testified that Murdaugh’s voice could be heard on a cell phone video taken by Paul, a video taken just minutes before the killings that shreds Murdaugh’s alibi and previous statements to police.

∎Maggie Murdaugh may have purchased, picked up, and delivered the very rifle that was used to take her life – a replacement Christmas gift for her slain son.

∎In followup SLED interview, Murdaugh tells police the last time he saw victims was when they ate supper; but state says it has cell phone video that proves otherwise, putting Murdaugh at the murder scene within minutes of the fatal shots.

∎For the first time, SLED agents confirm on the stand that the prosecution does not have any murder weapons in its arsenal of evidence.

∎Maggie Murdaugh's phone begins to bear witness to the final moments of her life.

∎PMPED attorney Danny Henderson was with Murdaugh during initial SLED interviews, and attorneys Mark Ball, Lee Cope and Ronnie Crosby met with SLED in Murdaugh’s gunroom as weapons were seized.

∎DNR officers and custom gunmaker John Bedingfield testified that he custom made three AR rifles for Murdaugh – but only one can be accounted for.

Cellular data reveals that Maggie and Paul’s phones ceased all “meaningful activity” around 8:49 p.m., leading police to believe they were killed around 8:50.

Phone calls on Maggie’s phone do not match calls on Murdaugh’s phone, leading police to believe that call log data from Murdaugh’s phone had been erased from the day of the killings.

∎Maggie texted a friend around 3:55 p.m. the day of the murders saying, “Alex wants me to come home” from Edisto.

What's happening in the Murdaugh trial? Snapchat video, testimony, witnesses, more

∎Police testified that Murdaugh’s hands had no blood on them when they conducted a gunshot residue test June 7 – despite his claims that he checked Maggie and Paul’s body for a pulse.

∎A snapchat video uploaded around 7:39 shows Murdaugh wearing different clothes than the ones he was wearing when police arrived that night.

∎During cross examination, Murdaugh attorney Jim Griffin asked questions about Murdaugh’s character and brought up the fatal 2019 boat crash case – opening the door for the state to do the same.

∎Judge Clifton Newman may rule as early as Monday on whether Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes can be used as evidence of motive in the killings.

Unanswered questions heading into Week 3

∎If Murdaugh killed his family, is it possible that he had an accomplice, either during or after the murders?

∎Is it possible there were two shooters?

Paul Murdaugh boat crash:What we know and why it's being discussed in Alex Murdaugh trial

∎Maggie’s body was found with brown hair in her hand. Does this hair belong to one of the dogs at the Murdaugh kennels, or an unknown suspect?

∎There is a one hour gap in Murdaugh’s phone activity, from 8:05 p.m. to roughly 9. Was his phone turned off, or was he napping, as he stated in his alibi?

∎What time was Maggie’s phone disposed of along Moselle Road, who did it, and why was it not found at the crime scene like Paul’s phone was?

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