Alexander Ludwig Says He Isn't Fazed by the Sex and Nudity in 'Heels'

Photo credit: Starz

Vikings star Alexander Ludwig is no stranger to some risqué content thanks to his role as Björn Ironside in the History Channel drama and he has revealed that he isn't at all worried about baring all for a role.

The actor, who has also starred in The Hunger Games and Bad Boys for Life, stars as professional wrestler Ace Spade, dubbed a hero or 'face' of the sport, in new Starz drama Heels.

Ace wears a rather revealing costume while in the ring, but actor Ludwig says that he never felt awkward while filming the show, whether he was performing in his costume or shooting a sex scene.

Photo credit: Starz

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"I've just learned to say, 'F**k it – for lack of a better word," he said, laughing. "You get to a point where it's like, all that matters to me is that it serves the story.

"At this point in my life, I don't think anything could really faze me anymore. It's what I do. If it's going to serve the story, then let's do it."

Heels also stars Arrow actor Stephen Amell as Ace's older brother Jack Spade, who plays the role of a villain – or 'heel' – in the wrestling ring.

Ace and Jack are constantly pitted against each other as they play out scripted wrestling matches, while also battling over their late father Tom Spade (Impulse's David James Elliott)'s wrestling promotion and pushing for media attention.

Photo credit: Quantrell Colbert - Starz

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Digital Spy also spoke to Stephen Amell about his experience on the show, with Amell admitting that he suffered some physical injuries while filming the wrestling scenes.

"You control the wrestling scenes as much as you can, but you are throwing yourself around," he said. "The mat is actually just a canvas over a wooden board. It really is. You're teaching yourself how to fall, and how to land on the big, meaty parts of your body; how to disperse impact."

Heels comes from Loki's Michael Waldron, who serves as writer and executive producer, with Glee and Snowpiecer actor Mike O'Malley acting as showrunner.

Heels premieres on August 15 on Starz in the US.

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