Algerian woman offers paragliding for thrill-seekers

STORY: "I can’t live without adrenaline, impossible, I can’t live without paragliding."

This Algerian woman is breaking barriers in the world of extreme sports

(Location: Bejaia, Algeria)

Hafida Chergui started her own paragliding club

encouraging her clients to conquer their fears

(Hafida Chergui, Founder of Hemla Dz paragliding club)

"First of all, because most of the people around me, my family, friends and colleagues, used to ask me 'how do you fly? Don't you get scared?' So the only way for them to understand what I experienced was for them to do the same, and automatically they changed their mindset. Even those who are scared before take off, once they are in the sky, they are no longer afraid."

Chergui’s love for adrenaline and desire to share it

inspired her to set up a business in a field dominated by men

(Hafida Chergui, Founder of Hemla Dz paragliding club)

"The majority don’t mind flying with me, rarely does someone prefers to fly with a man, in case he is religious, but the majority don’t care, they just want to experience the sensation (of flying) to the maximum, whether [the instructor] was a man or woman, they don't mind."