Alien memes are back in action as people gather near Area 51

Alien memes are back in action as people gather near Area 51

Well, it looks like people actually showed up for the Area 51 raid. Or, at least, they showed up for Alienstock, the music festival in Rachel, Nevada, meant to celebrate the viral Facebook group ("Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us") that started this debacle in the first place.

It's not yet clear how the festival will shake out. As Mashable has reported, there were around 500 campers on a paid campsite near the Little A'Le'Inn on Thursday night, and even more taking their chances on land belonging to the Bureau of Land Management across the highway. Attendees are still rolling in, and if the photos are any indication, there are a lot of them. And some of them seem to be hanging out at the gates.

But as we wait to see whether the aliens are hot, we can take comfort in a fresh wave of Area 51 memes. They've been the only real constant through all of this.

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Let's see them aliens.

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