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Alisson reflects on his incredible winning goal

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Hear from Alisson as Rebecca Lowe and the crew react to the Liverpool goalkeeper's remarkable winning goal against West Brom.

Video Transcript

- This was coming.

REBECCA LOWE: Robbie Earle said, uh, never works. I said, we've seen it 50 times. It never works. And then it went in, and the three of us, I have to say, erupted. I mean, this is the kind of moment that reminds you why you absolutely, Robbie, must love this game.

ROBBIE MUSTOE: Before that, we were like, does he go up to send the goalkeeper up, because it risks-- you can see the goal. And they had to [INAUDIBLE]. [? ?] They don't lose, yeah. They needed the one point, but then we saw this. And Robbie Earle says, at this point, this never works. Such a spectacular-- header by the way. Look at the-- how he redirects it. That's a great header, flicks it into that corner. Some Johnson, no chance. And then QB, amazing scenes.

REBECCA LOWE: Robbie Earle.


REBECCA LOWE: Well, to be fair to you, he is only the sixth goalkeeper to score a premier league goal in the history.

ROBBIE EARLE: Sometimes it's game, Rebecca. You know, we talk about this league and special moments. That's a special, special moment. In the 95th minute of a game, Liverpool desperately trying to make sure they get Champions League football, and the goalkeeper comes up.

REBECCA LOWE: And you know-- and you know what's even more special. In the entire club history of Liverpool Football Club, since they were founded in 1892, Alisson is the first goalkeeper ever to score a competitive goal for them. No wonder he's in tears. What a moment.

ROBBIE EARLE: There's a moment. And you talked about his tough year, and he's had some tough games recently. But that, he seems to like, wow. It brings it all back for him.

REBECCA LOWE: He might just have bought his club Champions League football. They are absolutely still in this conversation. The maximum they can get is 69 Leicester go to the bridge on Tuesday to play Chelsea. If Leicester win, they're in. So Chelsea now on the real pressure with Liverpool on their shoulders. Let's take a closer look with the Mercedes Benz full match stats at this race then for the top four, because of Alison they're absolutely in it. Sitting there in fifth, a point behind Chelsea, three behind Leicester. It is two out of those three, and one will miss out. Let's hear from him. My goodness, is he the man of the moment. Here's Alisson.

- Alisson, just the most extraordinary moment. Give us an insight into your emotions right now.

ALISSON BECKER: Eh, I'm too emotional. This-- this last month for everything that happened with me, with my family. But football-- eh, football is my life. I places I remember as a human being with my father, I hope he was here to see it. But I'm sure that he see with the god on his side and celebrating for my family, for the boys. What a fight. Sometimes you are fighting, fighting, and things just are not happening. As this afternoon here, and just scoring this goal. I'm really, really happy to help them, because they fight a lot-- we fight a lot together. And we have a strong goal to achieve the Champions League, because we won it once. And you know that everything starts with a qualification. So I can't be more happy that I am now.

- So time's up. 94 minutes have gone. The ball goes up for a corner. Can you just tell us what happens, who decides, you go up?

ALISSON BECKER: Yeah. I try to look at the bench, but no nobody called me. And then Johnny Archambault called me with conviction. And then I just-- It was the perfect time. The cross was brilliant again. I just try to put my head in the ball, and I think was one of the best goal I saw.

- The only goal you've ever scored.

ALISSON BECKER: Yeah. I did. The best I have scored. Yeah. I'm really happy. Just, I don't have too many words. I just have to say thank you for the players, because they fight a lot. We fight. I fight a lot, as well. We train. We are really exhausted from this season, because a lot of pressure. A lot of everything. Everything happened. Was missing the goal, goalee goal. And I'm happy that I happened tonight for following.

- I have to say, it's a great header. Do you practice your heading?

ALISSON BECKER: Sometimes in the training, we are in the crosses, and you are just waiting for your time. If you are there, the ball comes to you. And then you try to do something, but just to have fun, I don't train it to do that on the game. This happened, but I have at least a sense to how head a ball, because I do that a lot in the games to help defensively. And you can't explain those kind of things. And this is football, you know.

- Jamie, you joining this interview? What were you thinking as the ball is coming over? It just must be a split second where you think, this is coming to my head.

ALISSON BECKER: Yeah. Yeah. I saw it-- I saw it coming. I just tried to run it in a good place, in a good-- to be in a good position. To try to help my players to being a defender, but nobody I think follows me. And I was lucky and blessed to score. Those kind of things you can't explain. You can't explain a lot of things in life. For me, the only reason for those kind of things is God. And he put his hand on my head today. And yeah, I'm feeling really blessed.

- Was it an incredibly emotional celebration for you? Not just with everything going on with the team, with everything you've been through personally as well.

ALISSON BECKER: Yeah. Yeah. I just-- I went to-- I've been away from interviews from a long time. It was a difficult time, because always when I talk about it I get emotional on that. But I just really want to thank all of you, all the Premier League, all the players. I receive letters from managers, from teams, from for example, Everton and Angellotti, all the players, and CT Chelsea. I don't want to be not fair with the others that I don't remember. But just want to say, thank you for everybody for the supporters, for the team. If it wasn't you, I could never-- could never get through this, because I'm just away from my family since the thing happened.

My family, I mean, my mother, my wife have been amazing with me. My kids give me energy. And this is why we feel the love from God. This is the way God loves us, through people. And you should do that every time, every day. But I just want to say, thank you at this moment. And the celebration, I don't know how to celebrate that. And hopefully, I don't need to come at so many times to the box to score a goal. Hopefully, our players will do that for me. I just have to think and defend and to help them that.

- Great goal. Magnificent interview. Thank you very much. Well done.

ALISSON BECKER: Thank you. Thank you guys.

REBECCA LOWE: Magnificent interview indeed. And what sheer emotion. If you don't know the story, Alisson lost his father in February, so just three months ago to a tragic accident. He drowned in a lake in Brazil. And of course, he's been away from talking in the public for now for a long time. He's been struggling with that, as he said. And then this, Robbie Earle. I mean, this is something we are going to replay again and again.

ROBBIE EARLE: Absolutely. And it's kind of what he said, you know. It's a fight in this team, Rebecca, that winning the title last season and this year is giving him a chance of Champions League football. And you know, when people like me say, hey what's the point of a goalkeeper going up? That's exactly the point. When you see what it means to him, his team, and his football club.

ROBBIE MUSTOE: Also, the other defenders for West Brom probably saying, what's he doing? Because nobody went to him. It was a last ditch attempt by one-- they sent him back to try and head it. But everybody else is worried about their man, and the goalkeeper comes up. Nobody's thinking he's going to head it. And actually, when you see him there, he looks probably the biggest guy in there and redirects it beautifully.

REBECCA LOWE: And as you say, and he heads the ball well. He said he practiced heading in training. Why would a goalkeeper practice heading in training? It just shows that he could play outfield, couldn't he? With his passing and his heading.

ROBBIE EARLE: You always got goalkeepers practice being sent forwards, and center forwards was always practice in goal. It's always been the way in every football club.

REBECCA LOWE: It's so interesting. Now, the bigger picture with this. Because of the special nature of that goal, the timing of that goal, who scored it, and the story behind him. Do you think this might give Liverpool added momentum?

ROBBIE MUSTOE: They should have enough desire to win the final two games, Rebecca. And I've said it before. I don't think they will win the last three games. They almost didn't. I can't imagine they'll get-- I mean, they'll get a boost from that, but it still won't change the fundamentals. And I still think-- you know, other than that moment, did they really look like scoring in that second half? And are they still vulnerable defensively? Absolutely. Yes. It's just whether they can manage those two parts to their game successfully over the next two games to get six points, because they're going to need both wins, I would think. But, yeah. Of course, it gives them a boost. I just-- is that going to see them all the way in? I still have my doubts.

ROBBIE EARLE: It's important, and Robbie makes a really good, pragmatic points. That, you know, for all the shots and the things that were going on, they didn't score. But I just can't believe that somebody like you who can take that moment, talk about the football family, we've got beyond the goalkeeper who's been left eating in this. If this can't get you over those two games, you will know how to push those buttons to get the best out of his team.

REBECCA LOWE: And a reminder. Those two games are Wednesday, away, at Turf Moor, in front of a crowd against Burnley. And then at home against Crystal Palace on Championship Sunday. Again, in front of about 10,000 Liverpool fans, a full cup. Oh, it is going to be a fascinating last couple of games. Let's bring you the full highlights of quite some game at the Hawthorns. And it all began, of course, Liverpool went behind Robbie.

ROBBIE MUSTOE: Yeah they did, and really nice finish and from Robson-Kanu. He's not had that many opportunities. You see, defensively a little bit too spaced out. Now, if, certainly, Philip's there and Trent Alexander just come across five yards, which they should be an ideal world by the way. You do have the opportunity to snuff it out, but there's enough space there for Robson-Kanu to jump on it. And he opens his body, and his hips really nice and gets good contact on that side for finishing to the corner.

REBECCA LOWE: Liverpool back on level terms, Mo Salah.

ROBBIE MUSTOE: Yeah. Wow. I mean, we've seen this sort of finish in him actually many times before. And I'm not surprised now. When you see that shot leave his foot, I'm thinking, he's probably going to find the corner. Just instinctual, quick, sharp, accurate. Again, a good look from here. He's just so quick on these. He really is. You know, not-- he can score out of hardly anything.

REBECCA LOWE: Almost a disaster for Liverpool.

ROBBIE EARLE: Yeah. Kyle Bartley scores, but Matt Phillips, you'll see, is in front of the goalkeeper there obstructing his view of the ball. So right decision was given are disallowed the goal. Linesman put his flag up. Goal not given. And then, 95 minutes on the clock. I'm glad Alison didn't listen to me, because

I was thinking it's not going to work. But it does, and it's important as Robbie says, a great habit. Two, no one really picks him up, because they don't expect him to be there. In one of those moments that can just lift your season, lift your dressing room. Give a belief that a top four finish is possible, and what a way, what a man to do it in the circumstances. That is a huge, huge goal for Liverpool.

REBECCA LOWE: First Liverpool goalkeeper in their history since 1892 to score a competitive goal for his club. Amazing scenes on the bench. Amazing scenes on the pitch. And a Super emotional Alisson possibly saves his side's season.

ROBBIE MUSTOE: And what an amazing to feel [INAUDIBLE] the emotion, and the honesty, and how he spoke was just super.

REBECCA LOWE: Football can be emotional. And we saw that very much so from Alisson there and the Liverpool team. We'll be keeping an eye on Tuesday, because my goodness, what a game. Chelsea against Leicester at 3:15 Eastern on NBCSN. If Leicester win just like they did in the FA cup final yesterday, then Leicester will guarantee themselves a top four place. And it will come then down to Chelsea or Liverpool. Let's take you back to Graeme Le Saux and Arlo White. Chaps, obviously, we've sat here now for nearly eight years. And I think only on a couple of occasions, all three of us have got out of our chairs at the same time. And that did it. That was a moment.

ARLO WHITE: Yeah. Always said though, Alisson was the best finisher at the football club. I don't see what the big deal is. But yes, of course, what an incredibly emotional interview and as you saw the tears on the field afterwards. Losing his father so tragically this year. His partner also gave birth to their third child this week. What's your reaction to it? Because you were really impressed with the actual header on a day where Liverpool didn't finish very well, did they?

GRAEME LE SAUX: It was a stunning example of how to finish from a ball-- a great ball into the box. Alexander Arnold taking that in swinger. And it was the way-- it was just a passing comment during the commentary that I noticed Alisson going forward, and said well, he's-- you know, going forwards. Why not? But he just drifted, he ambled up there. There wasn't a lot of urgency in what he did. Got into position. And as the guy sat in the studio, wasn't marked. And it was a fabulous header. I mean, the accuracy, to the point where when the game finished, Sam Johnston, the West Brom goalkeeper went and congratulated him, I think along with everyone else. Such was the amazement. And we're up here with very experienced commentators, Martin Tyler from Sky. And he said, that's a moment we're never going to forget. And he's had a few moments to enjoy during his career.

ARLO WHITE: He's had a few thousand games. Looking ahead to the midweek. Will Jurgen Klopp play Philips and Williams against potentially Chris Wood or is Fabinho got a drop back?

GRAEME LE SAUX: I just think he's got to put Fabinho in there. I think one of them-- Whoever he plays alongside him is not a concern for me. It's more about getting some experience in there and give one of those younger players that confidence where they can look across and lean on the experience of someone like Fabinho. That will mean bringing Wijnaldum back into the team, and we're not quite sure what the situation is there with the contract.

ARLO WHITE: Yeah. An extraordinary end to the game. Says everything about the integrity of the Premier League, the West Brom already relegated put in a performance like that. But in the end, not quite enough. A moment we shall never forget, Rebecca.

REBECCA LOWE: Brilliant stuff, chaps. Thank you. Alisson then joins a very exclusive club of Peter Schmeichel, Paul Robinson, Brad Friedel, Asmir Begovic and our very own Tim Howard as one of just six goalkeepers to score a Premier League goal. As Arlo said, a moment that we will always remember, and one that could change the direction of not only that season, but this club at the moment entirely.