Alleged Porch Pirate Posing As Amazon Employee Arrested After Several Fishtown Thefts

Kimberly Davis reports.

Video Transcript

- Porch Pirates are resorting to some sly tactics to steal packages and gifts. One victim in fish town called an accused Pirate posing as someone that some may not suspect. Kimberly Davis is live in Spring Garden tonight with the new developments. Hi, Kimberly.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: Hi, Jess. Police arrested that Amazon and pastor earlier this evening. And we told it was all Thanks to some vigilant Fishtown residents.

TREY DODGE: At first, I was like, there's an Amazon guy but I realized he came up on a bike. And he delivered my delivery packages.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: That is what Fishtown resident Trey Dodge tells us his surveillance video revealed to him Sunday on the 1300 block of East Oxford Street.

TREY DODGE: He waited across the street then came over stole something on my neighbor's stoop. And then came up my stairs and stole a couple of packages of my stoop as well.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: This isn't the first time Trey has had packages stolen off his porch. But he says this is the most creative approach he seen.

TREY DODGE: It was until my neighbor said check it out and then realized there was just someone, you know, playing the role.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: We reached out to Amazon but have yet to receive a response. But we did find some tips for customers online. You are advised to contact customer service to report the theft. File a report with Amazon as well as your police department. You could also consider having your packages delivered to a more secure location or use Amazon lockers.

TREY DODGE: It's nothing new. No one's surprise. That just more disappointing. I think a couple of people agreed with the creativity. A couple of people to suggestions of using lockers and stuff like that.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: Trey tells us Amazon did reach out to him. They issued him a full refund. They also replaced his t-shirt and water bottle that were stolen. We're live in the Spring Gardens section of Philadelphia. I'm Kimberly Davis, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

- OK. Kimberly, thank you.