Allegheny County Health Leaders Bust COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Allegheny County leaders say they're running into issues convincing some people to get a COVID-19 shot; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript

- The mask mandate in Pennsylvania will end when 70% of adults are vaccinated. Allegheny County is inching closer to that number. But leaders say they're still running into issues convincing some people to get a shot. Bryant Reed explains how the health department is debunking myths concerning the vaccine.

DEBRA BOGEN: Vaccines have been available to everyone 16 and older for a couple of weeks now. So we have to ask ourselves, what's keeping more people from getting vaccinated?

BRYANT REED: The answer, vaccine hesitancy. It's an issue states are facing as weekly vaccination numbers continue to dwindle. During the weekly Allegheny County Health presser, county leaders looked to dispel any myths and bring forth fact.

DEBRA BOGEN: There's no point to getting vaccinated, because you still have to wear a mask. Truth. Vaccines protect you from getting seriously ill. Masks are still needed in certain settings to protect you and to protect those around you.

BRYANT REED: But there's no way a vaccine was created in less than a year. It was rushed, so that means it's unsafe, right? Dr. Bogen says wrong.

DEBRA BOGEN: Truth. The science is solid. These vaccines are rooted in well-established technologies used to develop other vaccines. They underwent extensive testing in tens of thousands of people, including the county executive and me.

BRYANT REED: Well, with the different variants, one vaccine probably won't be enough to protect me against them all, right?

DEBRA BOGEN: Myth. The vaccines don't work against variants. Truth actually, research shows that the US vaccines are highly effective against variants, which is very encouraging.

In Allegheny County, I'm Bryant Reed, KDKA News.