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Allegheny County Public Works Receiving 400 Tons Of Salt Every Day As Winter Weather Continues

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The Allegheny County Department of Public Works is preparing for another round of winter weather; KDKA's Royce Jones reports.

Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: The winter is not letting up anytime soon and neither are those responsible for keeping you safe. Royce Jones is downtown live this evening. And Royce has been asking Public Works leaders how they are preparing for this next storm. Royce?

ROYCE JONES: Stacy, good evening. Well, right now we are seeing the calm before the storm. But behind the scenes, people are working relentlessly to keep folks both out of harm's way and the cold.

In the grip of Mother Nature.

STEPHEN SHANLEY: We're I guess, 20 inches over what we normally get.

ROYCE JONES: Allegheny County Public Works tells KDKA the department has a handle on the incoming storm.

STEPHEN SHANLEY: They've been through this and they can handle these storms.

ROYCE JONES: Thursday morning, the county will dispatch 27 trucks, all working 24 hours, and has been replenishing supplies around the clock.

STEPHEN SHANLEY: 400 tons of salt. RONDOT coming in every day.

ROYCE JONES: Emergency warming shelters are also preparing, like Abiding Missions on Excelsior Street in Allentown, where unused church pews are now being reserved as beds.

CHRISTINE ROTELLA: Today and for the next few days, with the weather being a severe it is, we'll be here from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

ROYCE JONES: This shelter ensures COVID safety protocols like temperature checks and social distancing are being followed and keeps a long checklist just in case.

CHRISTINE ROTELLA: Are the restrooms ready for the community? Have we sanitized everything?

ROYCE JONES: On your screen are some other places you can warm up. These winter shelters are open from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM and are all located within Allegheny County every evening through March 15.

And those shelters you just saw on your screen also have very strict coronavirus protocols, to the point where if you fail to follow them you could be asked to leave. To read the rules and get directions to those shelters, check out our website, KDKA.com.

Reporting live downtown, Royce Jones, KDKA News.