Allegheny County Residents Frustrated With New Vaccination Registration Site

Some Allegheny County residents are frustrated with the county’s new vaccination registration site. KDKA's Meghan Schiller has more.

Video Transcript

- Allegheny County's new vaccination registration site is up and running, but not without some hiccups. Meghan Schiller talked to people, trying to secure shots, who say, they are running out of patience.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: People tell me they were excited and ready to go. And then when they went to log on and do what they needed to do, it didn't work, which led to a lot of frustration. The Allegheny County Health Department said Friday it resolved the main issue on the new vaccine registration site, which popped up for people trying to schedule second doses. New emails with the needed codes should hit eligible people's inboxes momentarily.

Some people also couldn't confirm their registrations on their smartphones. So the health department recommends using a computer instead. Also, the system automatically searches for available appointments for the next five days. So if you see it says no appointments available, research using the next week's stay as the start date. As for the codes that you'll need, they now won't expire for 72 hours.

MAUREEN MOUTZ: So I e-mailed them four times. And I said, I'm really frustrated. I'd like to get this shot. I mean, this whole situation with trying to get a shot has been awful-- just awful-- especially for older people. You know, trying to jump through hoops to get the first shot--

MEGHAN SCHILLER: The Allegheny County Health Department wants everyone to know that they have a team working around the clock to resolve any issues that pop up-- both new and old issues. They say this new site is designed to be able to schedule 50,000 appointments every single hour. Reporting downtown, Meghan Schiller, KDKA News.