‘Who’s Allowing the Grifting?’: Donald Trump’s Former Spiritual Adviser Paula White, Who Once Prayed for Angels of Africa to Secure Election Win, Claims She Helped Nelson Mandela End Apartheid

Televangelist and former Donald Trump spiritual adviser Paula White claimed that she helped Nelson Mandela end apartheid in South Africa.

White made the outrageous claim during the Universal Peace Federation 2023 Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea, on May 4.

White — who claims to speak in tongues and once prayed for the angels of “Africa and South America” to reverse the 2020 election — claims in a resurfaced clip that she worked with Nelson Mandela to end apartheid in Pretoria, South Africa, while doing advocacy work, according to The Christian Post.

Paula White
Paula White speaks at the 2023 Universal Peace Federation Peace Summit on May 4. (Photo: Prophetic News TV Susan Puzio / YouTube screenshot)

“Amen,” said White after being introduced and noting that she once lived in a trailer park with her young son despite being from a wealthy family. “In America, they would’ve at the time called me trailer trash.”

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The televangelist said that after being given a turkey by a good Samaritan, she only kept half and gave the other half to people more unfortunate than herself, thus beginning her advocacy work.

“I began to feed homeless people, and I just asked God, ‘Could I spend the rest of my life doing this?’ My life was radically changed since I prayed a little prayer,” claimed the televangelist. “That advocacy started, and I would go to South Africa soon after that and build the first AIDS home in Pretoria, South Africa, and begin to work with Nelson Mandela to abolish apartheid.”

The Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Razia Saleh told the Post the foundation had no record of White ever working with Mandela.

“We have searched our holdings and do not find anything on Paula White,” said Saleh.

Several people reacted to the false claim on social media and noted the 57-year-old’s penchant for lies.

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“If Paula White worked with Nelson Mandela, it must have been in a dream,” replied one X user.

A second user asked, “So, she jus’ lies for sport?”

Another X user wrote, “Why does she feel the need to ‘save’ us? And who’s allowing the grifting?”

“A legend in her own mind,” concluded one.

White is known for her outrageous statements, including a racist rant where she pretended to speak in tongues as she prayed for Trump to be reelected. White prayed for African and South American angels to give victory to Trump days before the November 2020 election.

“For angels are being released right now. Angels are being dispatched right now,… dispatched from Africa right now, Africa right now, Africa right now,” she said.”From Africa right now …. From Africa. From South America. Angelic forces. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement. Angelic reinforcement.”

White is the senior pastor of the City of Destiny Church in Apopka, Florida.