ALLPCB Receives Special Gifts from Carnation Children Rehabilitation Center Expressing the Thanks for ALLPCB's Support During COVID19

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HANGZHOU, China, Feb. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 10, 2020, ALLPCB received a special gift from Hangzhou Carnation Children Rehabilitation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Carnation"): a letter of thanks, custom made silk scarves, and desk calendars painted by children of the center, to thank the quick support from ALLPCB after the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease (COVID19), as well as the persistent help in the past two years.

Carnation is the first private non-enterprise public welfare organization in Zhejiang province dedicated to the rehabilitation and potential development of autistic children and children with various developmental disabilities.

The focus of Carnation is to provide "maternal love that is kind and does not ask for anything in return". The story of Carnation Children Rehabilitation Center also originates from the great maternal love, as it was founded by Mrs. Ma, the parent of an autistic child, in July 2003.

Autistic disorder, also known as autism, is usually found in young children before the age of two and a half and is classified as a developmental disorder caused by a neurological disorder.

Autistic children are sometimes called the "kids of the star" in China. The pictures on the silk scarves and calendars are all hand-painted by the star children of Carnation. They use the brushes in hands to express their fantastic ideas and depict planes, cygnets, the sun, birds, cats, lotus, moon, dragonflies and so on in their eyes, full of innocence and childlike interest.

Hand-painted Calendars by Autistic Children in Carnation
Hand-painted Calendars by Autistic Children in Carnation

In the thank-you letter, Carnation not only sincerely thanked ALLPCB for its continual care and support, but also expressed that in the past year, with the help of the love from all sectors of society, the everyday operation of Carnation has been greatly improved. It is worth mentioning that in such a good environment, the children have had more smiles and made great progress.

ALLPCB began its support of Carnation and set up Carnation Special Fund in the year 2018. Through the account, the staff of ALLPCB can make contributions to Carnation at any time and place, to assist with the daily needs of Carnation Center.

In the past two years, the ALLPCB staff has assisted greatly. In addition to donating money and materials, they have also organized many volunteer activities in Carnation.The children of ALLPCB staff have also participated in these activities and grown by giving.

It seems that the year of 2020 does not have a smooth start, but as an old saying goes, "compliment after criticism". ALLPCB, as a key high-tech industry of Zhejiang province, has gradually resumed production. In 2020, ALLPCB and Carnation Center are expected to grow even more.


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