Ally Kostial murder: Former-neighbor shares dark details about suspect in Ole Miss student's death

Alex Lasker

The former dorm neighbor of Brandon Theesfeld, charged in the murder of 21-year-old Ole Miss student Alexandria "Ally" Kostial, spoke out on the suspected killer Wednesday, calling him "arrogant" and "misogynistic."

 "I'm not going to sugar coat it, he was pretty much a daddy's boy type," University of Mississippi student Rex Ravita told KMOV. "Constantly had to reference his father's money, how his dad could get him out of anything, just that attitude all the time. Any type of vulgar comment he could say, any type of rude comment to anybody in our dorm, any of the women." 

Ravita, who said he lived in the same dormitory as the suspect for a year, also claimed Theesfeld and Kostial had dated on and off again for about a year before her death. 

"Of course it was surprising because I knew him and of the situation, but to hear that the circumstances of how and why it happened, it just all clicked and made sense," Ravita told the outlet. "I truly believe that he manipulated her emotionally to have her believe that he loved her the same way she did, and I think he had her on the hook until the very last second."

Photos from the case: 

Several of Kostial's friends have apparently confirmed the rumors surrounding the pair's volatile relationship.

On Tuesday, one woman who was close with the victim tweeted a strong condemnation of Theesfeld, writing, "He harassed her for years, took advantage of her for years, I spent countless nights holding Ally close drying her tears about this monster for years. You deserve hell you disgusting excuse for a human."

Another friend, who spoke with the Daily Beast anonymously, said Kostial had previously described the suspect to her as "crazy aggressive."

"I don’t know how many times she called me about him. About how he was treating her and about how he acted when they were together," the friend told the outlet. "We all told her to end it with him, but she always said she saw the good in him."

Theesfeld, a 22-year-old Fort Worth native, was apprehended after Kostial's remains were discovered Saturday morning by a Lafayette County deputy on routine patrol near Sardis Lake in Harmontown, Miss., about 20 miles from the Ole Miss campus in Oxford.

A preliminary autopsy determined she was killed by "multiple gunshot wounds," police announced Wednesday.

Kostial, a Missouri native and member of Alpha Phi sorority, was last spotted on surveillance footage Friday night stopping at the door of an Oxford Square bar but turning around and leaving before entering. Her roommates told police she returned home around midnight but left again at an unknown hour.

Theesfeld was apprehended at a gas station in South Memphis, Tenn., on Monday morning, two days after Kostial's body was discovered. Authorities tracked him down with his cellphone records and credit card history, according to the Oxford Eagle

The suspect, who police say had blood on his clothing and a weapon in his trunk, was detained for questioning before he was transferred back to Oxford. On Tuesday, he appeared before a circuit court judge and was formally charged with murder.

Daniel Theesfeld, a prominent Texas physician and the father of the suspect, told WLBT he believes his son is not responsible for Kostial's murder. 

"I know my son is innocent. And I have reasons to believe that I can’t share anything now," he told the outlet. "But I would ask everybody to please give him the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise."