'Aloof' yak escapes on way to butchers, visits bed and breakfast then wanders into the mountains

Peter Stubley
Meteor the yak ignored attempts to lure it back into a trailer with apples and sweet tea: AP

An “aloof” yak has gone on the run after escaping from a farm truck on its way to the butchers.

The three-year-old animal, which was raised for his meat and named Meteor, broke out of his trailer in Lovingston, Virginia, on Tuesday.

He was spotted wandering through the grounds of the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast the next day.

Deb Verplank, who owns the guesthouse, said the yak ”looked so happy to be here”.

She wrote on Facebook: “We had an extra special guest “check in” today! Apparently he escaped off of a delivery truck last night.

“Within minutes of his arrival, we also had four policemen and an animal control officer.

“He was only here a very short time and then disappeared into the woods.”

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Attempts to lure the yak back to his trailer using apples and sweet tea have so far proved unsuccessful.

“Meteor is still on the loose, and I must admit we are rooting for his mountain escape plans,” said Ms Verplank. “He is one smart yak!”

The animal’s adventures have become so popular online that his owner, farmer Robert Cissell, told the BBC that he may be spared the butcher's knife if recaptured.


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“He will most likely live out his life here with our breeding herd,” said Mr Cissell, who described the animal as “aloof”.

Meteor, who is thought to have headed to the mountains, has already gained a Twitter account which says he ”self identifies as a Spanish bull”.

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