AM Weather Update With Anne Elise Parks

AM Weather Update With Anne Elise Parks

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ANNE ELISE PARKS: Putting the forecast together, I was in disbelief, I got to say, because I didn't have to talk about rain, but now I get to talk about the opposite, which I guess is to be expected. And that is the heat. As we take a look right now, satellite and radar really quiet as you head out into this Thursday morning.

We've got some clouds that have tried to move back in the overnight. So I think we'll see some of that for the morning, but still a lot of sunshine today. And, of course, temperatures will quickly respond.

Right now we are only at 78. We did not get much relief overnight. Dew point sitting there at 74. So extremely humid. As we go on, even early this morning, that's a South wind we're dealing with at 13.

And as we look across the board, Arlington, 80 degrees, to Mesquite at 76, 78 Decatur, as well as McKinney. Moving on through the afternoon, we talked about earlier how Stevens and Young County have that heat advisory until 8:00 PM tonight. If you look back to the West, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock today, there's a good reason.

You can see those heat indices up around 105 or maybe even just above. I think more so around 100 for how it feels in the Metroplex and really a large portion of North Texas sitting there in that triple digit heat for what it feels like at least. And then even as we go on into tomorrow, it's still going to be incredibly hot. And, yes, the humidity is going to stay our big focus.

So just a heads up, if you've got any outdoor plans today, you'll want to find the shade and do all those things we talk about. Drink plenty of water and wear light-- light-colored loose-fitting-- there you go-- clothing as you go on through the afternoon with highs in the low-90s. Now as we move on through the rest of this weekend, into the weekend, we're talking about our hottest temperatures yet.

We're going to be there in the mid-90s Sunday and into Monday. And then a bit of a drop off, if you can call it that, by Tuesday and into Wednesday of next week as we're seeing a very weak front to pass through. But you know, if you look at 91 for the average, we're not off from what's average.

It's just that humidity that has been so tough and the humidity that has been really the dangerous focus as we move on into this extended pattern. You see it as we move on through the weekend, Saturday into Sunday, this big ridge building over the region, but what we're going to start to see happening as we get into Monday and Tuesday of next week is that ridge starts to lift a little bit to the Northwest. And that will allow for our heat to break up just slightly. It also allows for some rain chances to return to our forecast. And temperatures will drop off into the upper-80s by Wednesday of next week.