AM Weather Update With Anne Elise Parks

AM Weather Update With Anne Elise Parks

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- On this Tuesday morning, we do want to get an update on the weather. And Anne Elise, from the looks of things, this might be the nicest day this week.

ANNE ELISE PARKS: Yeah, it really is going to be the nicest day because we've got a couple of cold fronts on the way, Karen, and that will mean some rain and some cooler temperatures. But so far, this start to the week has been unbelievable, as we did see 70s the past two days. We got to 71, by the way, yesterday. So that makes it now Sunday and Monday. And I think we'll see it again heading into this Tuesday.

Starting off, our temperatures are not as cool. So we're already kind of getting a more of a jump start. It's 47 degrees, so it is cool, but just not as cold as what we've been dealing with. And that south wind is doing the trick. That is a light breeze that's going to be picking up through the day today, allowing for that very warm setup, especially as we get into midday and into the afternoon.

Right now, though, numbers do remain cool, but we are mostly above freezing right now. We've got 48 from Keller. Same goes for Burleson. Addison, you're there at 48. And then back around Mesquite, we've got 43, so just a light jacket should do for you as you head out. Certainly layers will be the name of the game because look at where we're headed. Short sleeve weather quickly coming back by 11 o'clock, even. It is already 64.

And then as we get into the afternoon, we're talking about temperatures topping out in the upper 70s, awfully close to 80 degrees for this afternoon. And that does make it the warmest day in our extended forecast.

Now, overnight tonight, still looking at a very mild setup. In fact, temperatures are probably going to hold in the 50s for most of us as we wake up tomorrow. So this trend of warmer temperatures really each and every day, even in the morning, that continues for a bit longer before we start to notice some changes. Even the changes, though, that we're monitoring, notice that they're not that drastic. We're still going to be talking about 60s with a cold front tomorrow followed by low 50s on Thursday. And that's the coolest day I've got in our extended forecast.

We do rebound as we head into the weekend. So let's talk about that. A couple of cold fronts do remain in our forecast. Starting with tomorrow, we will see this front to move through. And what I do think is going to happen is we'll see a bit of a dip as we move on through the day. But again, overall, a nice Wednesday, and tomorrow is actually dry. But we're watching some upper level energy start to arrive as we move on into late day Thursday. This is Thursday afternoon into the overnight hours.

And then this is 6:00 AM Friday. Notice how quickly this area of showers and isolated storms moves out. So these rounds are going to be fairly short lived. I think that's the good news when we see all this rain in the forecast. It's not a full-on washout. Same goes for the weekend, Saturday starting off dry. But by late Saturday afternoon into Saturday night, we'll have to watch for some scattered showers and, again, some isolated rumbles of thunder as we see another front to pass through. And that does keep some rain in our forecast as we head to Sunday.

So we're actually seeing a deficit in our rainfall, about an inch and a half, for the month so far. So we actually could use this rain, and we'll have those on and off rounds beginning Thursday. Temperatures take a small dip with highs Thursday, Friday in the 50s.