Amanda Kloots hits back at critics who say she's dating 'too soon' after husband's death

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Amanda Kloots is hitting back at critics who think she is moving on "too fast" after the death of her husband, Nick Cordero.

The 38-year-old recently revealed in an interview with The Talk that after losing her husband in July 2020 due to COVID-19 complications, she has decided to start dating again.

Photo via @amandakloots Instagram
Photo via @amandakloots Instagram

"I've never actually had to date and I just started dating again and it is so crazy to be dating for the first time at 39 years old," she revealed. "And it's quite terrifying and really out of your element. It's hard, it is hard."

"It's wonderful people I'm meeting and it's been a great process so far but I will just say it's very hard without getting into too many details. It's very hard," she added.

Kloots's announcement was met with criticism and accusations suggesting that she is moving on too quickly since the passing of Cordero. Fortunately, the TV personality was not afraid to shut down the haters.

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"Dating already? Wow, that was fast," someone commented, to which Kloots reacted by sharing a screenshot of the comment to her Instagram story, along with her response.

"A comment on my recent post. Please read below," she wrote to her more than 674,000 followers. "How dare you judge anyone, especially someone going through this process."

"I will address this soon guys, I promise. There's too much to say and too much that widows deal with to not talk about it," she continued. "Until then I will call out anyone who is rude enough to comment like this."

Photo via @amandakloots Instagram
Photo via @amandakloots Instagram

Kloots's response to the criticism has earned a ton of support on social media.

"Nick isn't walking in the door any time soon. She can grieve for the rest of her life and still start dating again," someone tweeted.

"No one gets to judge her timeline," wrote another.

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"Good for her! She deserves to go out and as Nick’s song says 'Live Your Life.' Her taking that step and going on a date after the year she’s had — whether it’s for coffee, a drink, dinner, or whatever — does not affect these opinionated peoples’ lives, so they can just shut it!," one person sounded off.

"After what this poor woman endured last year, how could anyone wish her anything but happiness?" another Twitter user chimed in.

Back in April, Kloots opened up to Us Weekly about navigating life after losing her husband, and what her grieving process has been like.

“A lot of people have said to me, ‘It gets easier [and] time helps,’ and I don’t know if I found that yet. I still pretty much cry every day. It’s growing pains,” she said.

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