Amari Cooper

Fearless Forecast: 1107 TOTAL YDS, 81 REC, 5 TD
Projected Rank: 30

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Amari Cooper goes from the Cowboys to the Browns, and obviously we know this is going to be a tough player to project based on Deshaun Watson's availability. Now, I do think one way or another, you can lock Amari Cooper in for 21 to 22% of the Browns passing targets. We know they're going to run the ball. They're probably going to be one of the most conservative run heavy teams in the league, but when they drop back to pass, I think Amari Cooper and David Njoku really are the only two established guys in this passing game.

And even David Njoku is like kind of a question mark. They gave him a big contract, but he hasn't proven yet that he's a high end starting receiver. Amari Cooper, I've got some questions about his game. I don't think he's a true number one receiver or anything, but I do think he's good enough to handle that passing volume. So really this is all about Deshaun Watson's availability.

If Watson's going to miss a huge chunk of the season, I will probably be out on Amari Cooper at ADP, but if he's going to play a good bit of the season then I'll probably be in on Amari Cooper at ADP. So I think either way, probably a volatile guy, not really somebody that I would want as one of my first or second receivers, but if Watson's playing, I'm happy to have him as my wide receiver 3. Again, it just really does depend on his availability.

If Watson's not out there, I see him coming in under 1,000 yards, but if Watson is there, I could see him being at like the 1100, 1200 yard range. Right now, I've got him kind of splitting the difference, and he's my wide receiver 30.