Amarillo area public meetings for the week of Aug. 14, 2022

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Planning and Zoning Commission

2:45 p.m.: Council Chamber, 601 S Buchanan St.

Consider the following plat/s: Road Ranger Subdivision Unit No. 1, an addition to the City of Amarillo, being aunplatted tract of land, in Section 59, Block 2, A.B.&M. Survey, Potter County, vicinity: I-40 and Pullman Road, applicant: Marko Zaro for Road Ranger, LLC; Heritage Hills Unit No. 17, an addition and suburban subdivision to the City ofAmarillo, being an unplatted tract of land, in Section 65, Block 9, B.S.&F. Survey, Randall County, vicinity: FM 2186 and FM 2590, applicant: Mark Tate for Circle K Stores Inc.; Original Town of Amarillo Unit No. 20, an addition to the City of Amarillo, being a replat of Lot 1, the remaining portions of Lots 2 through 5, Lots 21 through 24, the remainingportions of Lots 17 through 20, plus vacated Public Right-Of-Ways, Block 48, Original Town of Amarillo, and Lots 1A through 3A, Block 49, Original Town of Amarillo Unit No. 13, and abandoned railroad Right-Of-Way, all In Section 188, Block 2, A.B.&M. Survey, Potter County, vicinity: SW 5th Avenue and S Bowie Street, applicant: Floyd Hartman for the City of Amarillo; Tradewind Square Unit No. 7, an addition to the City of Amarillo, being an unplatted tract of land, in Section 173, Block 2, A.B.&M. Survey, Randall County, vicinity: SE 46th Avenue and Tradewind Street, applicant: Seth Williams for PEGA Development, LLC. Consider the following rezoning/s: Lot 1A, Block 118, Mrs. M.D. Oliver-Eakles Addition Unit No. 3, in Section 171, Block 2, AB&M Survey, Potter County, Texas, to change from Residential District 1 with Specific Use Permit 78 to Residential District 1 with amended Specific Use Permit for increased lot coverage and reduced setbacks, vicinity: SW 25TH Avenue and Jackson Street, applicant: Gene Mayfield for Amarillo Bible Chair. Discuss a proposed zoning plan associated with a request for annexation of 44.26 acres of unplatted land, in Section 62, Block 9, B.S.&F. Survey, Randall County, vicinity: SW 34th Avenue and Soncy Road; applicant: Daryl Furman for Kustersont LP; discuss Comprehensive Plan Update.

City of Amarillo Logo
City of Amarillo Logo

City of Canyon Commission

4:30 p.m.: Commission Chambers of City Hall, 301 16th St., Canyon

Consider and take appropriate action on #1 Dandridge Property; a Plat for Country Acres Unit No. 1, a subdivision within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city of Canyon; Ordinance No. 1163, approving a negotiated settlement between the executive committee of cities served by Atmos West Texas (“Cities”) and Atmos Energy Corp., West Texas Division regarding the company’s 2022 Rate Review Mechanism Filing; declaring existing rates to be unreasonable;adopting tariffs that reflect rate adjustments consistent with the negotiated settlement; consider and take appropriate action on Resolution No. 20-2022, denying Southwestern Public Service Company’s proposed surcharge in connectionwith final rates approved related to its statement of intent submitted on about Feb. 8, 2021, authorizing the city’s continued participation with other cities in the Alliance of Xcel Municipalities (“AXM”) and participation in related rate proceedings; Development Funding Report; Ordinance No. 1162, fixing the Ad Valorem Tax Rate for the fiscal year 2022-2023 at the rate of $0.400160 per $100 and for directing the assessment thereof; executive session.

Amarillo Independent School District

5:30 p.m.: Amarillo ISD, 7200 Interstate 40 West

Consider the following: approving the ranking and selection of a vendor for interior door access control (RFP #3644); easement improvement agreement for the construction of improvements to the north/south drive just west of the Rod Schroder Education Support Center; endorsing a candidate for the Texas Association of School Boards Board of Directors from Region 16; designating a delegate and an alternate for the 2022 Texas Association of School Boards Delegate Assembly; adopting a Board Advocacy Plan; reviewing board committee assignments and taking action, as necessary, to appoint trustees to board internal committees, the Districtwide Educational Advisory Council, the School Health Advisory Council, and the District Safety & Security Committee; appointing board representatives to the Downtown Amarillo and the East Gateway Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone boards of directors; resolution regarding COVID leave for employees; acceptance of gifts to the district; budgeted purchases; Don Harrington Discovery Center annual contract; Eduphoria Software System annual renewal; main entrance and vestibule access control and video for elementary schools; review on first reading Policy Manual Update 119, including local policies; consultation with legal counsel regarding the Petition for Detachment and Annexation of Land from Bushland Independent School District to Amarillo Independent School District; monthly financial reports; incidents of vandalism or damage to district property; personnel items.


Amarillo City Council

1 p.m.: Council Chamber, 601 S Buchanan St.

Updates from councilmembers serving on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; discuss partners for development progress; presentation of gun violence trends in Amarillo; resolution re-declaring the Annual Official Holidays for the City of Amarillo; Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport items; Amarillo Zoo facility repairs and renovations; advertising services; construction materials contract; asbestos consulting services; upgrades and modifications to the River Road Water Reclamation and Hollywood Road Water Reclamation facilities; resolution denying Southwestern Public Service Company's proposed surcharge in connection with final rates approved related to its Statement of Intent submitted on or about Feb. 8, 2021; accept award from the Panhandle Community Services to provide a Low Income Household Water Assistance Program; contract for assessment and collection of Public Improvement District (PIO) taxes; Barrio Neighborhood SE 10th Avenue Improvements; Electrical Utility Easement; professional consulting services related to updating the City of Amarillo's Comprehensive Plan, which was previously adopted in 2010; contract for directional drilling services utilized in the laying of fiber optic at various city locations; (non-consent items): resolution adopting state and federal legislative priorities for the 2022/2023 calendar years; resolution adopting policy recommendations for inclusion in the 2023/2024 Texas Municipal League Legislative Policy; consider a lease agreement between City of Amarillo and FRIENDS OF AJ SWOPE for property located at 1018 S. Polk St., to be used for a memorial park honoring first responders from the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle who have lost their lives in the line of duty, since the 1880s and into the future; ordinance on issuance and sale of "City of Amarillo, Texas, Waterworks and Sewer System Revenue Bonds, New Series 2022"; ordinance on issuance of the "City of Amarillo, Texas, Tax Notes, Series 20228".

Amarillo Junior College District Board of Regents

4 p.m.: Oak Room, College Union Building – 2nd floor, Washington Street Campus, 2201 S. Washington St.

Discuss and consider 2022 proposed tax rate; set the dates for a public hearing and meeting to adopt the tax rate for 2022; discuss opportunity to enter into a TIRZ III agreement for creating a new TIRZ III in the Amarillo College district; president's update on upcoming legislative sessions; workshop is to discuss the 2023 Amarillo College budget; updates on the SACSCOC Reaffirmation and provide an overview of the QEP; deliberate the appointment for a three-year term of a non-voting representative to the board who resides in Moore County.


Amarillo Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund Board of Trustees

10 a.m.: City Hall Room 306, 601 S Buchanan St.

Consider approval of the Fund’s investment transactions from the previous month as presented by city staff; summary of the Fund’s Revenue and Expenditures from the previous month; review of the Fund’s investment performance and written investment report; quarterly statements and payments; consider an update of beneficiary for active firefighter, Raymond J. Reed; consider approval of Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) for Christopher C. Westbrook; consider termination of retirement benefit for David D. Kirby and disbursement of surviving spouse benefit and lump sum death benefit; consider the application for refund of retirement contributions for Jeremy W. Sorrells; review and consider an application for Disability Retirement Benefits; executive session.

Amarillo Local Government Corporation Board of Directors

11:30 a.m.: City Hall Room 306, 601 S Buchanan St.

Project updates from city staff or project representatives: Hodgetown, Embassy Suites, Parking Garage and Retail Space; discussion and consideration of the Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center’s (PARC) request for rental of parking garage spaces for a special event; LGC’s Current Loan Agreements and Original Feasibility Study; presentation and consideration of recommendations to City Council on Parking Garage Rate Structure; 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget; executive session.


Amarillo Hospital District Finance Committee

9 a.m.: City Hall Room 306, 601 S Buchanan St.

Discuss and consider an increase to the agreement for the funding of Specialized Pediatric Services through Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; public health staff will present efforts related to a local suicide prevention program; actuarial report on the pension plan; consider the Amarillo Hospital District Budget for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

Environmental Task Force

12 p.m.: Simms Municipal Building - Conference Room 203, 808 S. Buchanan St.

Discuss or receive reports on the following: Proper Disposal of Yard Waste Update; Cardboard Recycling Update; Autumn Leaf Disposal.

East Gateway Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #2 Board of Directors

12 p.m.: City Hall Room 306, 601 S Buchanan St.

Discussion and consideration of the FY2022-23 Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #2 Annual Budget.

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