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Amazon's secret outlet of goodies under $10 is a goldmine of deals

Score household essentials for under $10. (Photo: Amazon)
Score household essentials for under $10. (Photo: Amazon)

There are plenty of tricks to finding amazing deals on Amazon. Using an on-page coupon is an easy strategy; so is checking out the secret Warehouse and Outlet deals. But the most jaw-dropping bargains are at the Amazon Super Discounts storefront. It's technically part of Amazon Outlet, but with a twist: Everything here is under $10, from kitchen staples to beauty must-haves to items you never knew you needed. Here are 10 of our favorite can't-miss deals from the Super Discounts section.

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Dream Master

Dream Master Tap Lights, 5-Pack

$8$12Save $4
These bright bulbs can be stuck anywhere — like a dark drawer, in a kitchen cabinet, or under the sink.
$8 at Amazon

"When I lose power, it’s nice to know I can still see around my house," shared a relieved shopper.


Temola Meat Thermometer

$10$28Save $18
Never over- or under-cook your meat again. This thermometer ensures your steaks, poultry and seafood come out delicious and perfectly cooked every time.
$10 at Amazon

"This is a life saver in my kitchen," said a five-star fan. "Any time I need to know the temp — out comes this gizmo. Easy to use, clean and maintain...A well worth investment for sure."


Homefavor Silicone Spatula, Set of 5

$7$10Save $3
This set of colorific silicone spatulas make cooking, baking and mixing a breeze.
$7 at Amazon

"Extremely durable!" reported an impressed shopper. "Easy to clean or throw in the dishwasher. No little crevices where mold can grow. Just buy it!"


Sundaree USB C Car Charger Adapter

$7$14Save $7
This quick-charging adapter can juice up your phone from 5% to 65% in just half an hour.
$7 at Amazon

"Love this, charges fast!" said a fan. "Worth it!"


Sosoon Hair Brush

This gold-tone brush gently detangles, plus it looks so cute on your vanity.
$8 at Amazon

"I finally found a brush I can use on my daughter's hair," shared a happy shopper. "She loves it!"


HouseDay Car Seat Headrest Hooks

$5$7Save $2
These problem-solving hooks are the perfect place to hang your shopping bags, purse or reusable water bottle you don't want rolling around the backseat.
$5 at Amazon

"I never knew these existed, or that they would come in so handy," a pleased shopper said. "...I love them. No more shopping bags tipping over or having to hold take-out food on the passenger's seat while I am turning or stopping. Very highly recommended."


Findmag Chip Clips

$3$5Save $2
Stale chips? Gross. These bright grabbers will keep them fresh for longer. They're also magnetic, so you can use them to stick those postcards you've been collecting onto your fridge.
$3 at Amazon

"Easy to use, and great to be able to stick to fridge when not in use!" wrote a five-star reviewer.


HumbleeBee Lunch Bags (2 Pack)

$9$13Save $4
These adorable lunch bags are water-resistant and can keep food warm and fresh for up to six hours.
$9 at Amazon

Shared one shopper: "I just love the bags, I got them for my granddaughter and I usually pack for her the Oscar Mayer Lunchables, which comes with a sandwich, a bottle of water, a piece of candy, then I pack 2 fruit cups, a spoon, two napkins, a bag of chips and a 10 oz bottle of juice. It’s perfect!"


Skechers Quarter Crew Socks, 6-Pack

$10$11Save $2
These ankle socks are lightweight, comfy and perfect for workouts — or the day-to-day.
$10 at Amazon

"The perfect sock in my opinion!" reported a happy customer. "They are soft, stretch well and are the perfect length. I'm not a fan of ankle socks or crew socks, so these quarter crew socks are a perfect compromise!"


Smileshe Jewelry Box

$5$8Save $3
Keep your jewelry organized on the road or at home with this handy little box.
$5 at Amazon

"This little thing helps me make sure I have only way I need and helps keep up with my jewelry," wrote a happy reviewer. "Instead of the zip lock bag or losing it in the luggage. Fits everything you need for a short trip or long trip without too many swaps. You can fit probably 3 sets in here."

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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