Amazon's Memorial Day Weekend Sale Includes Some Great Deals — If You Can Find Them

Marissa Rosenblum

Oh, Amazon. You always manage to confound and delight at the same time. In an interesting move for the first major promotional sale weekend of 2019, Amazon has decided not to host an actual Memorial Day Weekend sales landing page. Don’t worry, the deals are still flowing — just not in plain sight. Okurrr, make us reach for that golden ring a little harder then; we’ll play this game, ye merchant of Aztec Healing Clay mask tubs and Baywatch babe-era viral swimsuits (neither of which are actually on sale; boo).

To crack the case, we hit the mysterious "Gold Box " page to find a mixed bag of discounts, each with their own arcane criteria. They range from the "Deal of the Day " (a select group of legit in-demand products, like these Leesa mattresses that are available for 20% off) to the "Lightning Deals " (a random collection of top-reviewed items, marked down for a limited time based on the allocated product sell-through, like this insanely well-liked garden hose) to the "Savings & Sales " section (a bunch of stuff that TBH, is so all over the place we can't really make sense of it, but we did find excellent price cuts on Amazon-owned brands like this Echo Dot Kids Edition at half off). And don't forget about Prime Exclusive Offers: members only, mind you.

Did you get all that? Yep, neither did we. Good thing our team of Shopping editors is on call to update this roundup of marked-down goods throughout the holiday weekend.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All prices reflect the listed price on date of publish. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Camping Hammock

Nothing beats a light-as-air camping hammock — even if you're using it while updating this deals story for Refinery29 from a park in Brooklyn.

4.6 out of 5 stars and 65 reviews

Top review: "There are a lot of these on the market & it can be difficult to tell the difference. This was a replacement for one that was well loved. I have several kids so they can really test the limits of things. Not only is this roomy & easy to use, but it seems to be able to hold up well to 3 kids fighting for turns & being rough with it. I’d buy it again & again. Love this for when we camp or just a day at the park."

Amazon Basics Lightweight Double Camping Hammock, $11.99, available at Amazon

Cooling Mattress Topper

An affordable solve for keeping a little bit cooler during those upcoming hot nights.

4.3 out of 5 stars and 3,380 reviews

Top review: "I bought this because my other mattress pad was REALLY hot (even though it was supposed to be cooling gel) I would wake up sweating every night. This mattress pad is exactly the opposite and I wish I bought it a long time ago. It's not super thick, maybe an inch and a half max. When I first opened it, it didn't look big enough to cover the bed. I let it air out for about 40 minutes and it totally came to life. the smell only lasted about a day or so and I usually have lavender, but I honestly didn't mind it. The shape of the ridges do a good job ok letting the air flow so you don't get hot at night. I would highly recommend this item. I do have a cotton topper on top of it bc I was so nervous about the air flow, but them together make my bed feel like a cloud and I absolutely love it."

Lucid 2' 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Full, $36.57, available at Amazon

Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

We watched the manufacturer video to understand how this was labeled "adjustable." Spoiler alert: you can remove the hypoallergenic foam fillings — which by the way, has passed CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions and durability.

4.3 out of 5 stars and 16,574 reviews

Top review: "Ironically, I learned about this pillow when I stumbled upon an advertisement about it. When I saw you could adjust it depending on how you sleep I immediately loved that idea. I thought what the heck let me order one and try it out. To be honest, I've tried tons of pillows and have never found one I liked. I was somewhat skeptical but then I got it. From the first night I slept with it I was hooked. To my surprise and great relief I FINALLY found a pillow I loved. I have NOT slept this good in years. Highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed."

Coop Premium Adjustable Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow, $59.99, available at Amazon

Makeup Brush Set

If you're a makeup novice that's not sure exactly which brushes work best for you, or a makeup artiste that needs them all — this affordable set has you covered.

4.4 out of 5 stars and 161 reviews

Top review: "These brushes are the nicer quality brushes I've purchased off of Amazon. You get every brush you need for eye shadow! They have sturdy handles and soft bristles. I have washed them successfully, without losing a single bristle! Great purchase :). I definitely do not regret it! I have a thing for makeup brushes, and I have purchased quite a few sets over the years.. But these are of excellent quality. Just buy 'em.
My cat approves of these brushes. He has put his stamp of approval on them." [link to photo of reviewer's cat's paw with brushes here.]

BESTOPE 16 Pc Eye Makeup Brushes Set, $8.49, available at Amazon

Adjustable Compartments Makeup Case

We often take the "pics or it didn't happen" route with Amazon reviews and this makeup case passes with flying colors (and much evidence of satisfied customers).

4.5 out of 5 stars and 438 review

Top review: "Perfect size, looks and feels very sturdy, enough space for all my makeup and it won’t take up most of the space in my luggage. Sturdy zipper and pocket behind brush is perfect for makeup remover wipes and contour palette."

Monstina Professional Travel Makeup Organizer, $12.79, available at Amazon

Apple Watch

If you've been thinking about upgrading or finally making the smart watch plunge, this deal should not be missed.

4.7 out of 5 stars and 1,273 reviews

Top review: "Upgraded from a Series 1 to this Series 3. I can't believe the difference in speed! That alone made the upgrade absolutely worth it! The move between apps and the messages app are smooth and succinct. The added features that my old watch did not have are intuitive and time-saving: the raise to talk Siri is perfect and works flawlessly. Not having to "call out" to Siri is great. The walkie-talkie feature is a tad clumsy, but works well for a quick check-in to/from my wife while I am at work. The kids have enjoyed it too when they miss me during the longer days. While I have not swam with the watch, I have worn it in the shower a handful of times. The water eject button is quite intelligent. I think it simply uses sounds waves to push the water out of the speaker port. You can hear a "wshhh" sound, hearing its effectiveness."

Apple Series 3 Watch (GPS, 38mm), $199, available at Amazon

Cotton Sheet Set

High-end cotton sheets are now fully within your grasp, thanks to a hefty 50% off markdown. Don’t sleep on grabbing this sweet and dainty printed set.

4.4 out of 5 stars and 24 reviews

Top review: “These Stone & Beam sheets are really wonderful. First off, they came in a great little fabric bag and when I took them out they smelled really fresh and clean. The texture and material are perfect and make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. They are perfectly crisp and keep you warm, but don't cause excessive sweating, which a lot of other sheets do (especially microfiber ones). Last but not least, they are really pretty and add that extra touch of sophistication to your bedding, while still being cost-effective. I love these sheets and probably will be purchasing another set of the same brand!”

Stone & Beam Starburst 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set, Queen, $25.99, available at Amazon

A Beach Read

If that European vacation isn’t in the cards for you this summer, head to your local shoreline be it beach or lake, and devour this Italy-set page-turner from the comfort of your beach chair.

4.3 out of 5 stars, 3,730 reviews

Top review: “If this novel by Rhys Bowen doesn't grab you by the eyeballs and keep you reading until the very end, IMHO, you're a lost cause! It’s not a true mystery as such, but it certainly is a mystery. Wonderful characters; wonderful plot; wonderful locations. Just a wonderful story all the way around. If you ever been to Italy, you'll recognize the terrain, the food, the wine. And Vin Santo! If you've never had Vin Santo or Limoncello, go out and buy yourself a bottle of each immediately!!!”

Lake Union Publishing The Tuscan Child, $6.99, available at Amazon

Sunrise Alarm Clock

It's not just a morning alarm clock — it's a morning experience. Snatch one off-season (now!) at a rock-bottom price and enjoy it when the daylight wanes come September.

4.6 out of 5 stars and 138 reviews

Top review: "I can honestly say this alarm clock has made my wake up experience the easiest it has ever been. I do feel more awake when I wake up and less cranky (I am NOT a morning person). You can set the sunrise timer on anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes so that it slowly lights up the room. I currently have it set on 20 minutes and that seems to be working nicely. Occasionally I do wake up near the beginning when it is still orange and then fall back asleep until it is fully bright and it plays the wake up sound. I also really like most of the wake up sounds — they are very peaceful, either soft birds chirping or relaxing piano music. I am not very tech-savvy, and have had no issues figuring out how to use it with the help of the manual it comes with. And I always set the clock by Smart Life, it is so easy. It also makes a nice reading lamp at night as I can adjust the light intensity so my husband can sleep!"

Heim Vision Sunrise Alarm Clock, $33.99, available at Amazon

Toshiba Smart TV (Fire Edition)

You don’t need much more than a power outlet and a WiFi connection to enjoy the endless entertainment capabilities of this super-high-definition, Alexa-friendly smart TV.

4.1 out of 5 stars, 4,385 reviews

Top review: “I'm very happy with the purchase and this TV definitely has the best picture in my house. The interface is nice. And the apps are plentiful. Plex, Netflix, Prime Video, and DirecTV Now, and I have access to pretty much every piece of video ever made at the touch of a button. Far removed from the days when I thought it was awesome to put a video file on a USB stick and walk it out to my DVD player. It's a great TV, with a great picture, and great functionality. At a great price. If you're in the market for a new TV, I seriously doubt you'll be dissatisfied with this purchase.”

Toshiba 43-inch 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV - Fire TV Edition, $199.99, available at Amazon

Strathmore Recycled Sketch Pad

On the opposite end of the technology spectrum: a tried-and-true sketchbook from a longtime artist-supply company, with an eco-forward bonus: recycled paper. And as artists know — these don't come cheap.

4.5 out of 5 stars; 39 reviews

Top review: “I like this paper for sketching because it has a little texture. I use regular graphite, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, and outlining pens. You can smudge the lines, erase cleanly (with a kneading eraser) and the big sheet of paper is perfect for finished sketches. I've also used pastels with this paper to good effect. The best thing about the large size and the wire-bound book is that it's great for studies. Perfect for experimenting with pencils and pastels, excellent for students who want a "real" sketch pad.”

Strathmore 9"x12" Wire Bound,Recycled Sketch Pad: 100 Sheets, $10.31, available at Amazon

Space Gray Apple iPad

Did you know that David Hockney did a whole series of “paintings” on his iPad? Sounds like this reviewer might have the same thing in mind for their recent purchase.

4.8 out of 5 stars, 3,031 reviews

Top review: “It has a gorgeous screen, easy to set up, easy to use right out of the box. Set up is even easier now if you have another Apple device. They took what I thought was already a pretty easy process thanks to iCloud, and made it even more user friendly. It feels like the money you spent. iOS devices have never let me down in the quality department. It’s not heavy compared to my MacBook, which is why I have it. Fits in my purse while still being a gorgeous screen to watch movies on. Retina displays will change your life, and ruin every other screen you look at. Also, the Apple Pencil. I get it now. And do not regret a single penny spent. The pressure sensitivity, accuracy of the accelerometer, how fast it charges, and how the pen to screen experience is closer to paper than anything I’ve ever used. I’m talking Wacom Cintique level accuracy on a tablet. It feels unreal. I love my Moleskines more than the next person, but I’m worried they might be getting less use in the coming months just because this is so user-friendly.”

Apple Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model), $249, available at Amazon

Light Wash Levi's Jeans

This curve-hugging (but too much) pair of skinny jeans from Levi's comes in two shades of blue that work well for summer — this wash pictured, and a more distressed style.

4.6 out of 5 stars and 13 reviews

Top review: "I love Levi's jeans! I usually buy them from our local outlet store but found them on sale here and couldn't pass it up. The 311 fit is perfect for me! I am curvy and it fits perfectly in all the right places. I wear a size 8-10 jean and ordered a 29. Love this fit! I even recommended to a friend and she also said she loves Levi’s 311 jeans. Makes jean shopping easy!!"

Levi's 311 Shaping-Skinny Jean, $34.99, available at Amazon

Bench / Lounge Hybrid

This is a brand that's sold at multiple retailers: Wayfair, Walmart, Hayneedle...and the listed price is always slashed out for a sale price (you all know this game well, yes?), but we checked around and this is the lowest of all the redlines this weekend (so far!).

4.8 out of 5 stars and 6 reviews

Top review: "Beautiful. Fabric is lush (and can order samples beforehand.) Assembled with little fuss (would be easier with two people, but I managed quite well.) It is sturdy. Very sturdy. And comfortable. Very firm, to be sure. Not sink-in-marshmallow comfortable. But for lying-down-reading-a-book, very nice."

Jennifer Taylor Home Bolster Lounge Bench , $346.68, available at Amazon

Echo Dot For Kids

All of the information, activities, and interaction that you can get from the regular Dot, with kid-friendly programming and parental controls for peace of mind.

4 out of 5 stars, 1,859 reviews

Top review: “I pre-order 2 of the Echo Dot Kids Edition for my daughters ages 10 and 6, and they arrived the day the were released. It’s a nice addition to our “Alexa” system. It’s pretty impressive in that it understands them fairly well in situations where the don’t know exactly what a song may be (but know the lyrics or artist) and Alexa helps them until she gets it right. The posters that is provided by Amazon (online) is very helpful in helping them get started as well. I was pretty amazed with how age appropriate the apps are and also how many are available. We have not ran into a situation where the content that Alexa provides is not within parental guidelines. It also allows tons of parental features and my girls love being able to chat back and forth between their rooms.”

Echo Dot Kids Edition, $34.99, available at Amazon

3-Tier Cart

This classic utility cart is a prime example of "form follows function." It does what it needs to do — period. You can always add tiers too (at an additional cost) because Whitmor is a widely sold brand that's easy to find.

Update: Since publishing, Walmart has competitively listed the same product at a lower price at $26.87 for an unknown limited time.

4.6 out of 5 stars and 1,372 reviews

Top review: "I purchased this to use as a coffee and tea area for my husband. Space is limited in our kitchen and this fits all of his goodies perfectly. Very easy to put together too."

Whitmor Supreme 3 Tier Cart, $31, available at Amazon

Deebot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Pet owners and neat freaks: this hardwood floor-friendly smart vacuum is for you.

3.9 out of 5 stars and 198 reviews

Top review: "Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum works great! I bought it to replace iRobot. Although they both work, I like Deebot better. Deebot has two brushes while iRobot has only one brush. Deebot would clean more areas when it moves. Deebot also moves more slowly than iRobot. I like it – I feel it cleans more thoroughly. Third, most times iRobot hits obstacles hard, much more noisy than Deebot."

Deebot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with App Control, $189.99, available at Amazon

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