Amazon Granting Front-Line Workers $500 Million in Bonuses

Amazon Granting Front-Line Workers $500 Million in Bonuses According to CNET, the $500 million will go to those most at risk of being infected with COVID-19. Dave Clark, Amazon's SVP for worldwide operations, said the bonuses are the company's way of showing appreciation. Dave Clark, via note $500 will go to full-time workersand part-timers get $250. $3,000 goes to Delivery Service Partner owners and drivers will also receive $500. An extra $150 is for Flex Drivers that worked over 10 hours in June. At Amazon-owned Whole Foods, full-time workers are getting $500 and $250 will go to part-timers. $1,000 is being set aside for those in leadership roles within Amazon and the grocery chain. The bonuses come as faith in Amazon's ability to protect its workers from the coronavirus has suffered. Distrust has spread among employees, and Amazon installed warehouse safety measures. The e-commerce giant also received criticism for ditching hazard pay at the beginning of June. Over a dozen state attorneys general have called on the company to release information on how COVID-19 has affected its workforce.